how good is ipod touch 8gb?

I'm thinking of buy an ipod 8gb 3rd gen but i wanna know if it is faster than the 16 gb 2nd gen.So,if you do have an ipod 8gb 3rd gen then please tell me if its a good choice to go with.
I have one, and along with this laptop, and a Rubik's cube, it's the best thing ive ever brought. As far as I know, the onlg difference between 8, 16 and 32 GB is the memory.

My Rubik's Cube broke yesterday :(.
Heheheh no.

I could solve it easy, Infact, just before it snapped, I broke the three minute barrier. But not, just a corner has come off, so its harder to do. I dun it twice since it broke tho XD.

Anyway, ITouch is fantastic


Epic Gamer
Well, I've only had my iPod Touch for two days now, but I already love it.

Right now I'm just trying to find fun (and free) apps for it.