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How fast can you type, WITH YOUR NOSE?


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I saw something like this on another big forum I am a member at and decided to try it out here.

Here are the rules.

[highlight]1.[/highlight] Type "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

[highlight]2.[/highlight] You have to type it with your NOSE! (even for caps!)

[highlight]3.[/highlight] You can't under any circumstances hit backspace. NO CHEATING!

[highlight]4.[/highlight] You can't look at the screen until you are done! NO CHEATING!

[highlight]5.[/highlight] Time yourself if possible and post your time! NO CHEATING!

Have fun! Here's mine:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Wow... I looked up and I swear this was my first try. I've made this thread elsewhere but I typed this fresh.. 60 Seconds/ 100% Accuracy!

I guess that means I type 9 words a minute with my nose with 100% accuracy. That's a fun statistic I will have to use sometime.. :)


what? no pink?
tye quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

well that took me 70 secs LOL as you can see it took me a second to get the hang of it hehe


Registered Member
5y3e quiu8cdikvbrownb foxbv jumpedvover tghe lazy og.

wow... 53.7 seconds..
not fair... my nose is kinda big so i hit a lot of keys at once...


New Member
the quick brown dog jumed over the vlazy ffrog.

60 seconds.


AKA Ass-Bandit
t6hy3 qufi brown foxd vjumkpedb ovgfer the lazsy dog

49.85 seconds, shite accuracy


Well-Known Member
the qyick brown fox jimped ober the laxy dog.

36 seconds according to my watch...

dang it i forgot that stupid capital T at the beginning

at first I was a bit hesitant to touch my keyboard with my nose it just seems awkward.
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t6yhe3v q8u9iki br0ow23nh frosxd buju76mpede3 ovferrr thye3 loaqazy deogtry


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rainbow 11!
The quick brwnj fox jujkped over e lazy7 do0gt



Likes snow
the quick brown fox jumpedover the lazyb dovgb.

49 seconds.

On a laptop if that makes a difference.