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How Far Can They Go?


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How far should a teacher be able to go as far as discipling a student?
Example in kindergarten I was deathly afraid of the dark. Someone told the teacher
I had stuck my tongue out at this girl.

My discipiline was to be put in a very small bathroom with the lights off.
I was completely terrified and I was in there until my mother came to get me out.
I think about it so often that it really traumatized me for life.
Side note ( i'm no longer afraid of the dark)

1st grade the teacher would pull very hard on a students ear.
Now decades later you hear about teachers taking the students peoperty, hitting them and so forth.
Just how far should a teacher be able to go before they should be stopped?
When should parents be notified?
No matter what grade a child is in should they all be treated the same?


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First of all I don't think a teacher should be locking a small child in a dark room or pulling on their ear. Also don't think they should be slapping them on the back. In both scenarios the kid could hurt themselves or the teacher could hurt them.

For small children I don't think a swat on the butt would hurt anything or making them stand in the corner.

Older kids, 3rd or 4th grade up, break out the paddle and give them a good spanking, not a beating. If they are troublemakers and are constantly in trouble send them to a school or class for unruly kids because they will interfere with the other kids learning process. All the kids in the class shouldn't have to suffer because of one that continually acts out.

Now having said that considering some of the things kids are in trouble for or expelled for today its a wonder they can breath without getting into trouble.


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When I was younger living overseas, the teacher had a stick and we had to stick our hand out and she would smack it if we were naughty, parents didn't care because they believed it was a good learning tool for their children and looking back at it now, I think it's a good idea but then again just cause something is a good idea in Serbia, doesn't mean it's a good idea in Australia. I've found it that children here are wrapped in wool and protected as much as possible but I'll be damned if I would allow anyone to whack my child.