How essential is music to your everyday life?


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I listen to music a lot. If I'm walking around town I'll have my ipod in. When I'm on the train I'll be listening to it again. I work in the audio / TV department in a shop and I often have to demonstrate some tunes on the speakers.

6 weeks ago my ipod died and I was at a loss. I decided to wait for the new iphone before getting something to replace it. During those 6 weeks I was forced to hear the monotony of the streets as I walked and the mundane obnoxious banter of teenagers on the train. Now I have the iphone and the world makes sense again.

So my question is this, how important is music to your everyday life?


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Unlike most people here it's not really that important to my everyday life. Don't get me wrong, I do love music, I just don't have to be listening to it all the time. I mostly listen to music while I'm driving or working out, or sometimes while I'm at the computer or going to sleep. Other than that it's pretty rare.


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I could do without music but I do enjoy it a lot. I like to listen to music when I am just hanging out with my friends at my house, or at a party. If I work out alone I like to have my ipod on me.

I usually have my ipod on me when I am working at my job, it just helps pass the time a little quicker I find.


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I would die without music. When I was living in the UK I did what you did Alt. I had my ipod and never left home without it. As soon as I walked out my front door it would be on till I got to work or wherever I was going. I don't do it like that anymore though, as I drive everywhere. I obviously listen to music in my car now, but I feel like I've gotten lazy and don't bother getting new music sometimes.

I love learning about new bands and artist I knew nothing about and recently I have gone on a mission to get this again. It is going good so far!! :)


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I have music playing constantly. I just need it for background noise, but also it keeps me exploring many types and different songs. I have many hobbies, but one I hope to work on more is to decipher the structure of music and analyze how it affects me exactly.

At times, I will choose to have certain music playing either for inspiration for a story or daydreaming session or to simply feel my way through it.


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Music is important to me but I've had years of not listening to new music, no radio, no new CDs. I mostly just sing. But a couple of years ago, I got into a habit of listening to youtube songs, mostly through links sent to me by friends. Then I have some albums on my computer now that I keep on loop play while I surf the net. I don't have an ipod but I've some music saved on my Blackberry which I sue when I go out or workout at the gym. My every move seem to come out of a music video some days.


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As essential as food and water. I always have music on in the car, and usually in the house unless the kids are watching something.


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I love music. I listen to it every single day. I have a crappy iPod which only stores around 300 songs and it's just not enough. I have to constantly change what's on there. If I could afford an iPod touch I'd get one in a heartbeat.


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Everyday, even if it's just that half hour of the morning when i'm getting up, but my iPod is used at least once a day; when i'm writing it's on for hours.
I love music but when I listen to it, I have to really listen. It's even to the point where sometimes I have to mute before I can reply to people over IM. I'm not sure whether it's because I feel I have to appreciate it or I'm just seriously awful at multi-tasking, but yeah, whilst I'm doing anything remotely attention dividing, I won't be listening to music.

So the point of saying that was now you can see how it's hard for music to be essential to my everyday life when I can't seem to function well when it's playing, haha. :/ I still love it though and will listen during mundane tasks or just when I'm not really doing anything.