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XBOX Original How does Fable compare to standard RPG's?


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I've been considering getting Fable for years now. I keep hearing awesome things about it but it's always bugged me that it was a first person RPG. Does this add or take away from the overall gameplay experience, and how would you compare the style against other stereotypical RPG's (i.e. Final Fantasy, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc).

I heard the world is humongous and that it can literally take years to do everything and go everywhere in the game. Is this true?


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I'll give my quick analysis of Fable here. I'm basing this on The Lost Chapters, an "expansion" that adds some depth to the story line, extra items, extra sidequests, and extra visitable areas.

Fable is unlike any other RPG I've ever played in many ways. This mainly includes Final Fantasy IV and VII through IX. Because I'm lazy, I'll just make this a list of stuff.

1. The combat is realtime, such that you can run through an area full of hostiles without engaging in combat once. Your fighting prowess is governed by character strength and speed... but mostly by how fast you can mash buttons, and using a balanced combination of those buttons to effectively block, melee, shoot, and roll your way through the game.

2. Almost all characters in the game are potential combatants. There are very few people you can get away with hitting.

3. You choose the skills you want to develop by using them. To increase physical strength and melee skills, use a melee weapon. To become a better archer, kill people with arrows (or, conversely, do what I do and buy and sell items at a profit.) To become a better mage... use magic.

4. You can choose whether to be good or evil through your actions. That choice affects what you do, what you look like, and how people react to you.

5. Scars. That's right, getting hit in a battle can give you a permanent scar. This adds replayability as you try to keep your character pristine.

6. Skill-based minigames. There are the obligatory chance-based games like Blackjack. But Coin Golf? Chicken-Kicking? Archery? Card Pairs? It makes things interesting.

Okay, I'll be back later. Have to study for a test, then go home and do laundry.


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That sounds really awesome (Spinlock).

I think one of the coolest things you mentioned is the scar feature. I would definitely try to keep my character scar-free, but even so, it would be cool to be able to take a look and see the scars later on. :)

Did you have trouble getting used to the First Person view in Fable?