How Does Cussing Make One Less of a Person? I'm Curious...

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Icyblackflame, Apr 16, 2007.

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    A question that I need ANYONE to answer: What part of the "bad" word is actually "bad": the pronunciation or the spelling? I forget.

    No, seriously. The main argument behind "words are bad!!1!!11!!!" is, "their meanings are hurtful and insulting.” Well, I ask someone to prove that something BESIDES the pronunciation and spelling is "insulting."


    For some reason, "fuck" is amazingly horrible, correct? However, when someone changes it to "froot" or "friznuck," or something of the like, it is automatically “acceptable,” correct? (And they have also somehow managed to increase their vocabulary by 679 words : roll eyes :) Well, what part of "fuck" was offensive? Since the intended meaning behind "fuck" (which is horribly offensive) was transferred to "froot" and "friznuck," then shouldn't the latter two be just as insulting?

    Another example: "Damn" vs. "darn." Both words have the same meaning, yes? One is simply changing the pronunciation of "damn," correct? You can't argue that "damn" is stronger somehow (meaning-wise) because the intentions behind the word has been transferred to another, correct? So why is one out of the two words so much more offensive and insulting than the other when they have the same intended meaning? The only thing that I can argue is pronunciation and spelling, because, after that is taken away, what else is there?

    And the mother of them all: ******, or "nigga." Many people use this word as "hey" or some type of greeting, yes? So what is so bad about the word when using it as a greeting? You can't argue the meaning since the intended meaning is getting transferred over to the preferred "hey" or "hi," so, in all marks of sense, the "hey" and "hi" should be just as "racist"/"insulting," correct? Or it is just, again, only to do with the pronunciation and spelling? Are the meanings/intentions not the same?

    Another example. "Shit" vs. "shoot." Must I repeat myself?

    Another example: “Ho” vs. “trick”
    Understand where I’m coming from?

    So, essentially, you guys are having hissyfits over CHANGES IN PRONUNCIATION AND SPELLING, and basically NOTHING ELSE, and yet you call the cussers of the world unintelligible? You’re kidding me, right?

    In all honesty, I think that they are much smarter than those who condemn others for cursing. Why? Because they realize that they are JUST WORDS THAT MEAN THE EXACT SAME THINGS.

    Now onto the other part...

    I never understood this. When it comes down to it, many people curse in professional settings. I'm sure that doctors cuss, lawyers cuss, scientists cuss, hell, even teachers cuss! Does anybody consider them any less of people because they do so?

    I guess that I should ask this first: why are so many people offended by “cuss” words? If I said, "why the fuck do you care," then why get a hissyfit over it? How is, “why do you care,” any more “appropriate”? Are they not getting the same message across? In all honesty, every single word has the same exact strength to them. The only reason that “fuck” may appear to have more of a meaning behind it is because you, as the audience[/i] put more of a meaning behind it. And that’s you fault for putting words/meanings into the speaker’s mouth, yes?

    <fact>It's silly to get so bent out of shape over a word. Especially when stupid shit results because of it. And especially when no harm was meant by it.</fact>

    I don't consider people that cuss less of anything. Some of the most intelligent people I know cuss their asses off all the time, and yet they are still intelligent.

    Guess what? The have more than a six=word vocabulary as well.

    Also, why do these words require censorship? Instead of trying to teach people that they are "bad" words, why not teach people that they are only words and nothing to be insulted or upset about?

    Now, I don't mean about everything. If someone is directly insulting you and using a curse word as an adjective or something, then, sure, get offended. But if someone says, "that's some dumb shit right there," what is the point of getting offended? I don’t see why you’d get offended at the insult, either. I’m willing to bet that nine times out of ten, the insult is not true, anyways. Either you agree or disagree. If you agree, then why get mad? If it’s something about you, then you’re (most likely) only getting mad because it’s true, and that’s more of an issue with you, not them. If it’s not true, then why the fuck should you care? If you wanna argue with them for fuck’s sake, then fine. But don’t sit there and care. It’s not that hard.

    I hope that you get my point.

    ~ Why curse words are so offensive
    ~ Why feelings get hurt when a curse word is not used in an insulting manner
    ~ Why people who curse are (generally) looked down upon
    ~ How not inserting a curse word into a sentence makes it soooo much more “intelligent” :roll:
    ~ Anything else pertaining to this thread

    ~*~ Quotes to Think About ~*~

    To add on to this, her point was that the person said, “fuck that” to end the conversation. How would “forget this” be any different? How would “forget this” be indicating that they had more to say than, “fuck this?” The point of “fuck this” was to end the conversation. The person had nothing else to say regardless of their word choice. Duh.

    To the Fusioners: I wrote this for another site, so sorry if the html tags are wrong. Please discuss this. I’m always wondering what the idiots have to say to counter my (and other people who think straight)s’ claims. (Nothing convincing thus far.) My greater goal is to change the outlook of everyone’s, “OMG HE SAD FUCK HE MST B A BA PERSN I SHLDNT TAK 2 HM KUZ I END ^ LYK HM IF I TAK 2 HM” mindset.

    And, to Merc <sarcasm>because I know that you’re just dying to mention this</sarcasm>: I don’t mean every person in the whole world, so don’t even try.

    Oooh. I called you out XDDD

  2. Merc

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    I don't know what the calling out was for, but whatever helps you sleep at night . . . ;)

    The degree of offensiveness is directly related to the stupidity of the offended person. Okay, maybe not. Maybe that was a bit rough, but I say stupid because we let words affect us. They're offending because we're slapped as children for saying them, we got our mouths washed out with soaped, some of us were even threatened with divine intervention. By making these words taboo from such a young age, we are the ones making them offensive.

    Because people are overemotional. The end. That and people interpret differently.

    It's because of the notion that people who use "curse" words are almost caveman like, as if they're dragging their knuckles. This idea that only civilized people don't curse is bullshit. People also label you "unoriginal" or lacking creativity when swear words are used in writing. I'm not talking writing fuck or shit every other word, I'm talking more like having a character swear or cuss. I personally can't say I have much of an idea as to why cursing makes people cringe or hate those who do, but I'd say it has a lot to do with silly superstitions and lack of brain function.

    The lack of one doesn't make a sentence intelligent, it's avoiding the easy opportunity to that makes us think so. While I can agree a bit that there are plenty of words to use and that cuss words tend to be "easy" words to use, it doesn't make someone less intelligent. However, you have to admit that sometimes people just don't try and let cuss words take up every other space. That's what makes them look dumb, because it is.
  3. I’ll take a try on making sense of why some words are offensive… Most is based on a moral norm equal to a wardrobe malfunction… some words like damn have religious basis as in “God Damn”… other words upset the norm in mixed groups of people for acceptability such as fuck being said in front of young children requiring parents to explain to the inquiring minds… America is a very conservative religious moral based nation and the nature of conservatism is to change very slowly.

    Some parents explain the norm to children in a way that would equate cursing as equal to ignorance to proper vocabulary. Pop culture and the basic rule of life that is hard and fast through all time is that children will challenge their parents beliefs and viewpoints on any position they take… if the parents are religious the children will challenge… if the parents are bigots the children will challenge… because of this rule and the expected norm it is cool to curse when you are a child… those South Park kids are cool…

    In a conservative nation to upset the expected norm is to be shunned until it becomes the norm… example: when I was a teenager smoker smoking was very popular and people would make excuses for not smoking, I have asthma or I tried it several times but I got sick, sorry! Every home in America had a very nice ashtray in the center of the coffee table regardless if they smoked or not… it was the norm verses the norm now…

    There is the scene on the old comedy movie Airplane, if memory serves where a nun translated jive to display how out of norm speech was… that was funny…

    In our culture cursing has became pretty much mainstream considering TV uses beeps to beep out curse words… think about it, they used to get fined or shut down for even saying the words in my youth…

    It is all about the expected norm… the norm demands you cover your mouth when you sneeze based on a spiritual history of not allowing evil spirits not entering your body… the norm in my youth was that gays all lived in Greenwich Village and San Francisco… the norm is that women don’t work in the garden topless or without bras even on hot days

    Times are fucking changing, but slowly!
  4. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    Nobody likes to be stereotyped .. bad words stereotype .. its really that simple
  5. rozzlapeed

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    No it's not. Most "bad words" have nothing to do with stereotyping. Those that do are called slurs. That's a completely separate category.
  6. Icyblackflame

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    You know I love you XD

    I agree with you whole-heartedly. Especially this line, and I love that you wrote it:
    Please don't say that thats rough. It's the sad truth and people need to grow up.

    I may have to quote this on the other site:
    That's the best answer I've gotten thus far.

    They don't "interpret" differently. They just think stupidly and irrationally. There is no excuse for *interpretting,* "Damn! Why the fuck doesn't this work" as a personal insult to another person in the room. Someone ecplain to me how that is an insult to anybody.
    The thing that gets me is, as I stated in the OP, those people are making fun of the cursers and calling them "unintelligent" basically because of puncuation and spelling change. Does that not sound...even stupider? It amazes me how nobody realizes this.
    I wrote that question more for the other site. Almost EVERYONE (who disagreed) said that saying, "what the hell" instead of "what's going on" makes the person seem barberic, like they have no vocabulary, and even like a "baffoon" in one case. I want to know how replacing the WORDS, BUT NOT THE MEANINGS makes a sentence so much better. And I want to know how using "darn" instead of "damn" somehow increases one's vocab by seemingly 897,000 words. (They didn't use that exactly. That was just an example.)

    Check it out for yourself. Nine pages of responces so far and just about six people agree with me. NOBODY answered ANY of my questions (as if they can), and everyone is giving me one or more of the same three answers.

    Yay to Merc!

    So explain to me how "got darn" is less offensive when the meaning is exactly the same. Explain to me how "darn" is more offensive to "darn" when the meaning is the same. If someone's intentions are, "God damn," then are they not the same if they change it to "God darn?" What is the difference between "hell" and "heck?" Especially in sentences such as, "damm him to heck!" Is that not just a replacement for "hell?"

    As Merc said, these are "bad" words because we, as humans, have placed higher values to these words somehow.

    Shall I explain countering this?

    Think of the word "Jesus," k? That word may have a certain strength to anyone who speaks English, correct? Now, let's take THE SAME MEANING and turn it into "Jesus," or "Kami." They are ALL words that refer to Jesus, and yet, I would assume that those who speak only the English language would put the word "God" higer than the others, correct? Although they all have the same exact meaning. Again, "damn" and "darn." Again, same exact meaning, and almost the same exact word. But, for some reason, "damn" is soo much worse than "darn."

    Argue ANYTHING besides pronunciation and spelling. Go ahead. Try.

    And why does cursing determine whether or not they are cool? No one has proven to me how cursing does anything to anyone. And no one has given me anything on why it's so amazingly bad.

    Check this. Most of the "bad" words we use today weren't originally bad. They just seemed to have randomly got this "bad" sense. I find that, when people do reasearch on "bad" words, they seem to not think that they are "bad." Ask anybody why a "bad" word is "bad" and see if they can give you any logical reason.

    ...I don't get it >.>

    Okay then >.>

    It's because it kind of depends on what society accepts, which isnt entirely true. How many times a day do you hear "fuck" and "shit?" And yet they are just about the only words bleeped out. ("Asshole" doesn't count. They bleep out the "hole" and not the "ass" part. Clever, eh?)

    Yeah. They need to hurry the fuck up XD
  7. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    cuss me without stereotyping me ? Bearing in mind i have a decent understanding of the history of most cuss words .. you could well find you know that what you think is just a word of offense causes the offense because of social conditioning (all be it subconscious) wrapped around words ..
  8. Icyblackflame

    Icyblackflame Registered Member

    You know zip about everything you post, hmn? Here:

    1) Fuck you, Bitch!
    2) You're a motherfuckin' Ho!
    3) Ya momma's dick prolly bigger than yours, Bitch.
    4) When ya momma stop bein' a trick?
    5) What the fuck is wrong with you, Bitch?!
    6) Damn you
    7) Shut the fuck up
    8) I'mma 'bout ta bitch-slap you, *****
    9) You ass-fucking ho
    10) Asswipe

    Explain to me how any of those are stereotyping. Oh, but fplease do give us "your" definition of stereotyping. I'm assuming that nobody is on the same page as you.

    Yeah right. What do you know about ANY cuss words? No shit, either. Tell me. Because what you just said suggested that you know NOTHING.
  9. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    is this a competition to you .. do you need to feel like the best & I'm the worst to be able to function .. because if thats the case .. its pretty pathetic .. there really is no competition ..

    presumed behaviour based on any number of insubstantial sources of evidence .. for example calling me a ho .. makes many presumptions about me .. the essence of stereotypes is in making unfounded presumptions ..

    you assume a lot don't you

    I know that they have been used over the centuries to demoise people who otherwise were guilty of nothing but expecting equal treatment .. for example the words cunt or heathen .. you like to use the word "bum" in this capacity . I have noticed ..

    I know how to make up a list properly with bbcode .. perhaps you could learn that .. save me having to clean up your mess when quoting you ..


    How Does Cussing Make One Less of a Person? I'm Curious... - stereotyping people is teh bad idea .. doing so shows that you cannot operate around others without being irrational .. its a sign of an individual who finds it difficult to observe other peoples choice & honour .. ie .. immature interactive skills ..
  10. Merc

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    ChinUp, those seem like major stretches or they're simply of your own creation. I have no idea what an animal or peasant stereotype is.

    As for saying "damn" as a catholic stereotype . . . that's just silly. Damn wasn't created as a Catholic word, it has roots outside of meaning "damnation."

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