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Movies How do you watch films?

How do you watch films?

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aka ginger warlock
I like many people have multiple ways that I watch films, either on my pc, tv, xbox or my newest purchase my Cyclone Micro (if you don't know what it is it's a great bit of kit and would recommend googleing it) but what do you tend to use more? Unless I am watching a film in bed I tend to use my pc more than anything else. Do you have a family room where you watch a tv with family members or anything?


Sally Twit
Usually on my laptop and sometimes the Xbox. It's funny that I have two DVD players and rarely use them.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Mine is a mix of two of those options. I watch them on DVD player and on my computer. I rarely watch movies from the telly channels.


Sometimes I watch movies on the DVD player in the living room... but mainly it's on my PS3 or through Netflix on my PS3.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually watch films on TV. It's nice having most of the premium channels so I can watch them unedited and without any ads. There's also a good selection of movies I can order for free OnDemand through our cable provider.


Hmm, I'd say about 30% PC (for downloaded content), 40% DVD player and PS3 for Blu-Ray and 30% in the cinema. I very rarely watch films just as they are shown on TV.


Registered Member
Since I don't rent movies anymore, I get everything from Netflix or I download movies that are in theaters that I really want to see. Mostly Netflix though, probably 98% of the time.


Registered Member
I watch movies inside a warlock's cave because that's how I roll. Duh, winning!

But seriously, I watch most movies in the lounge room on my big screen LCD, some on the TV in my study, some in my bed room and I see a movie once a week at the cinema.


Registered Member
Sometimes in the den on the big screen but I almost never get to pick the movie down there! Yesterday I had to deal with Happy Feet and Beverly Hills Chihuahua when I just wanted to watch Half-Blood Prince! So mostly I watch them in my room on my pc. I can use my DVD player too but it's easier just to pop the DVD's into my drive. And I def get to pick what movie I watch there! :D Cause that's my space!


No Custom Title Exists
I barely use my DVD anymore as I have too many devices plugged into the TV so I can't be bothered plugging in and out everytime I want to use the PS3 after the DVD so I watch it on the computer. Since I have Foxtel, and it has like 20 movie channels, I watch movies from there.