How do you want to be remembered?

This thread is dedicated to Jeanie and Ysabel.:D

There are two cemetery's near my work that are actually very nice and peaceful places to go have lunch. There is one particular spot that I find myself drifting towards more often than not; it's between two old crooked trees that look as though they've been watching over their ghostly charges for quite some time. Tucked under one of these stately guards is a little plaque dedicated to 'Evelyn'
I sit there, under the trees shade and wonder about Evelyn. I find myself questioning if anyone other than myself pays her a visit any longer. Do I talk to her? Yes, almost everytime I'm there. This may seem strange, but it's actually very therapeutic for me. I tell her what's going on in my life and she just listens.
Since she knows all of my secrets, I've started wondering about hers. I do realize that I could easily Google the name and appease my curiosity that way. But, it's not so much that I want to know when she lived and died, or what she did for a living. I'm not even that curious about whether or not she married and had children.
I want to know how Evelyn was remembered, who she touched and in what way while she was here.

So, all of that leads to do you want to be remembered?

I want people to look at something I painted and be moved. I'd like someone to read my written words and feel something stir deep within. Even if it's only one or two people, I'd like to know that I did touch someone in a way that made them appreciate beautiful things.


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I want to be remembered as a good person, caring and that could make people laugh and was there for people that needed help. Also has a huge sports nut, that had great knowledge in sports.


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I'm giving more or less the same answer I gave in my UTM thread when George asked what is the purpose of my life. I want to be remembered as a person like George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life - a person whose life touched the lives of everyone around them in a positive manner, and whose existence had a positive impact on the world.


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In the manner of the old hit song first sung by Mr. Frank Sinatra, "My Way".
I've traveled life's roads, and more often than not, took the road less traveled.
I find that life is much more enjoyable to ignore the easy route that has already been paved, and choose instead to cut your own path and, in the end, make it more worth while for others to follow.

"It's not your final destination that matters. It is rather completing life's difficult journey that makes it both rewarding and enjoyable."


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Similar to what Jeanie said. I mostly measure the meaning of my life depending on how I made life more meaningful for others. I like to be remembered that way, and if they did, I wouldn't really have ceased to exist even after my death.


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I want my epitaph to read "Never stopped trying to help" and I want it to be true. I also hope to create something while I'm here that can stir people's hearts after I'm gone.


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I used to mow the grass at the graveyard of the local church and as I would push the mower around I would read the names and dates. As is the way in this part of the world I saw stones with the same name as I, Great-Great Aunties and long distant Uncles who I may possibly be in bloodline. I also saw names and friends and other distinguisable families of the region, I could put faces to names centuries old.

As it is a very old church some of the headstones had broken, some had been moved and some had weathered so much the writting was no longer visible. I know my Great-Great-Grand parents are buried there and I would wonder if the blank sheets of stone worn thin by wind and rain marked their final resting place. Even though I dont know the exact location of my G-G-Grandfathers grave I know that sitting ontop of his coffin is a silver skull & crossbones(its a long story!). I also know that opposite the church is the old family home where he lived and raised my Grandfather after his mother deserted him, where he also adventually strung a rope and took his own life at the age of 92. For a person I never knew I know so much about him, I can walk around my hometown and every building, field and corner I can tell a story of its place in history...........

....... and that is how I want to be remembered, I want to be an after meal anecdote, a story before bedtime, a fable or a moral, not somebody who changed the world but a person who was a part of the world, where the insignificance makes it so beautifully significant.

On top of this long after I am gone and all memory is lost, I want someone to put a hand on a wall or a stone and wonder who put that there, and that person was me. They dont need to know my name or what I did just acknowledge that I did it, much like the worn thin gravestones with no names.
I want to be rememebered as a happy person whose intentions were always good and door always open to her friends if they needed a hand or just a pair or ears.

Though, I think I'll be stuck with: 'the quiet one.'



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I would like to be remembered as a person of good morals, someone who could be trusted with something as grand as a looking after your little ones to something as small as posting a letter for someone.

I would like to think that by the time my life has gone I would have touched some peoples hearts in a way that always brings a smile to there face.
And like Angels I would like to produce a picture that people would be able to look at and have a nice feeling.
I don't want to be remembered. You know, the Earth will be destroyed by the Sun, and even Alexander The Great will be forgotten)))) It doesn't matter. I just want to live. I like to eat, I like to learn, I like girls, I like sport, I like to breathe, I even like to go to WC)))))