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PSP How do you use your PSP


Registered Member
I primarily use my PSP as an MP3 player and for games. I rarely use it for the videos. Sometimes I use the web browsing and post msgs from it. How do you use your PSP?


Do What Thou Wilt
Oh, good lord, I haven't used my PSP in YEARS. I used it for just games, but they got too expensive and simply weren't as fun even as a cheaper, used PS3 game.


I ♥ Haters
I use it basically for gaming, I find its a little too big (atleast for me) to used as an mp3 player. I recently had my brother mod my old PSP, so now I have all the old school NES, SNES and Sega emulators and games on it aswell.


Registered Member
The PSP has died a death nowadays but back in the day I used to take mine to work and play multiplayer wifi games like COD, MOH and Pro Evo Soccer with some workmates.


Son of Liberty
I use mine when the Internet is running to slow to play the other games at the house. Or when I'm just not in the mood to play on the PC or PS3.


Formerly "Maikeru"
I use for gaming. The psp and DS have become my main gaming devices.

They are just superb ^_^