How do you use BitTorrent?

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  1. My friends at school were talking about how they used it sometimes to download stuff off of the Internet. For example, one person said that he used this to get CounterStrike. I have no clue what they're talking about, so that's why I'm asking here, like what it is, how you use it. Seems kinda interesting, being able to download stuff for free. Of course, I don't know if it's free or not . . .

  2. SenatorB

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    First download a BitTorrent client... you can use the official one, but most people use either Azureus ( or uTorrent ( I prefer uTorrent. When you've got the client, all you have to do is find the file you want to download, and click the download link. Your browser will download the really tiny .torrent file, and it will open in your client... the client will then download the actual file you want.

    But I'm making it sound complicated. Get client. Download things. The end. is a torrent search engine... you can use it to find things to download.

    If you want more detail as to how it works... the more Seeders a file has, the faster you will download usually, and the more Leechers or Peers a file has, the more you will upload (some password torrent sites require you to upload a certain amount for what you download).
  3. Thanks for the help. I do have a question about how much memory it's going to take up on my computer. I mean, I can't afford two gigs just for every three movies.

    EDIT: How long is it supposed to take to load? Currently, I got something thats ETA is somewhere in the infinite range. Is that normal, is my connection slow, what?

    EDIT2: Okay, now I got something in the three day's range. Does it still download if I shut off my computer?
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    The BitTorrent client will likely take up a very small amount of space... we're talking less than 100MB, probably less than like 30MB, I donno. Depending what you download, that will take up different amounts of space. An album might take 80 to 120 mb or so, whereas a movie might take 700 mb or something. It really depends... it will say what the file size is when you are looking through the torrents.
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    In answer to the edits:

    1. I can't honestly say, but I'm guessing no for good torrents. If you're using Azureus, then you can visit the wiki and find out about good settings to get high download speeds. It also helps if you change your port to one between 49152–65534, as the default port (which lies between 6881–6999) is blacklisted. That info can be found (for Azureus) here. There's also 3 more links you can check that give info on the average swarm speed, availability, and good torrents.

    2. No, it won't. The program has to stay open to continue downloading.
  6. SenatorB

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    Edit1) It's often the case that a torrent will start out slow, then as you connect to more of the swarm, you'll pick up speed. How long it takes will depend mostly on three things: the speed of your interent connection (if you're on 56k, you're guaranteed to go slow, for example), the number and quality of the seeders and peers (for example, if there's only one 56k seeder, it will go slow, but if there's lots of highspeed seeders it will probably go fast), and the size of the torrent itself (a 700mb movie is going to take a lot longer than an 80mb album, even if they're both going at the same speed).

    As to what Storm said about the ports, he's right. There's also the issue with ports if you're using a router and sometimes a firewall... it helps to port forward the BitTorrent client, otherwise it can possibly severely slow it down. If you're not directly connected to the modem or are using a firewall that you refuse to turn off, go to and figure out how to configure your stuff.

    Edit2) No, when your computer is off it will not continue to download. When your computer is on, and the program is off, it will not continue to download. It WILL continue to download if the program is on, but the computer has put itself in sleep mode or something though.
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    I did use bittorrent a lot.
    But I would like to tell you not to use it.
    The risk that they get you is to high.
    I was a moderator and admin on different sites.
    They (BREIN) got me, I had to go to jail for 10 days and had to pay a fine of 6300 euro for uploading 9TB of movies and games.
    It took me about a year to pay for that fine.
    If you want to use bit torrent, DO NOT UPLOAD!!!.
    Just download. Be warned.
  8. Nevyrmoore

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    I have to disagree with you there Keuzeserver. If you only download, your ratio ends up being low, and you run the risk of being seen as a leecher, which in turn will get you banned from downloading the file. Also, not every file is illegal.
  9. SenatorB

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    I disagree also Keuz... if you use a password torrent site (Oink's for example), the chances that you'll be caught are extremely thin. Public torrent sites usually don't care about your ratio, so there's no point in wasting your bandwidth seeding after you download anyways. Also, a normal user is at far less risk of being caught than I imagine an admin of a site would be.
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    bitTorrent is a file sharing program. So people can send you their files of music etc. other programs like BitTorrent are Limewire and Bearshare.

    I heard BitTorrent is the best, but i use Limewire. you have to watch out for viruses though, like with downloading programs such as games alot of files are infected.

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