How Do You Think Isiah Has Done As A Coach



I think for a team like the Knicks, he did a great job! We only one 23 games last year and Isiah helped get 10 more W's. And yeah, i've seen him make some pretty screwy decisions in games (going to Eddy Curry for a 3 with about 2 seconds left, even though he made it) but overrall I am very happy with how he did this season.


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He did better than the coach last year but still its not a lot to get your hopes up over. Still none the less despite making some controversal decisions at best he made some of them pay off and as a result the Knicks in a few years can be contenders.


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I think he did a bad job becaue he was supposedly the only guy who knew why this team was built the way it is. He wanted to run like the Suns. That's too idealistic and the chemistry on the team is pathetic. With that kind of talent, you should be a perennial playoff team.


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I think he did a decent job, I think this team is a couple of players away of being a good team in the NBA, they need to get rid of Francis, they need to get another 20ppg kind of guy. Curry is one of the best centers in the Eastern Conference, and I believe Starbury is a good asset for this team. I believe that they were tanking the last few games to get a better draft position. I believe this team will be in the playoffs next year.