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How do you store your collection?


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Greetings my fellow collectors.

I was putting away old stock and back stock and it got me to wondering ,how do you all store your collection.

Do you store them in boxes in the garage, attic, Storage unit? Do you use milk crates, plastic tubs? Do you vacuum pack them? Do you use foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or just packing paper?

Well for me I use Plastic 3,5,and 10 gal tubs. I store all my over stock in the Attic for now, and I use packing paper on my stuff.
Plastic wrap and bubble wrap can leave stuff on packages as well as packing peanuts. So I don't use those when I am putting stuff into storage.

I also take the time to rotate and check all the tubs every 6 months, keeps chances of mold, and heat over exposure from happening to them while in storage.

I don't use boxes because they realy are no protection and you can't stack them up right. With tubs it doesn't mater how heavy or light the stuff is it all stacks the same.
If you use all same sized tubs then it makes them easier to stack and haul.

So how do you store the stuff in your collections?


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My pokemon cards are in storage as I had to leave them behind when I moved. Some are in plasic sleeves in a binder, while others are kept in plastic sleeves in a box.

My anime figures are displayed, not stored. I collect them for my own viewing pleasure, and not to sit there as a collection to collect value.

My sonic comics are all kept in plastic sleeves with cardboard backing on my bookshelf for convenient access when I want to read them.
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I have some baseball cards that I have in metal tins in a box in the closet. Haven't opened them in ages. I also have an old tea set I got in Germany back in the 70s when I was there still in its original box in the closet as well. I don't really have any other collectibles per say just knick knacks I guess and they are put away in whatever containers because I never take them out anymore.


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I need a shelf set for my DVD's. At the moment, they're stacked on a small shelf but I'd like to get a nice DVD stand for them.