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How do you spend your Saturdays?


What do you usually do on this day?

If I'm not working then obviously I'll be sleeping until 10 or 11am. Then I'm home during the day.
In the evenings I definitely go out with friends or go shopping.

Today I went shopping and felt good :)


Living in Ikoria
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I can't really respond because my Saturdays never really stick to one pattern.

A lot of the Saturday days will involve resting and relaxation for me, a movie, some video games, and some time on GF. That's how most Saturdays are, whether I'm doing something that night or not. It's all about clearing my mind.

If I do have friends available I'm down for a lot of stuff; I like variety so it's never going to involve the same thing every time.


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A few hours of GF in the morning. Than tennis mixed doubles with a big group from 11-2:00 or so. Home for a shower, and usually laying around recovering. Might nap or read or garden. Today after tennis was a change though....my husband and I hosted a bbq for family. It was for husband's bday which is tuesday. He got a lot of cash!...plus an IPad because we had enough award points from American Express credit card purchases.


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I try and spend my Saturdays relaxing. Occasionally I'll have plans, but if not I try and stay in, having a pyjama day, and doing as little as possible. I like just to wind down.

On Sundays, there are more things to do. I need to prepare for the week ahead, or choose to spend a bit more quality time with my partner (he tends to get bored on Sundays), so I like being selfish on a Saturday and making it all about me.


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If I'm not working I try to stay in bed until 9 or 10, then do the barn work in my jammies, clean the house, shower, start the laundry and do all the running around I have to do for the week. Saturday is my husbands "guys night out" so mine is usually spent watching movies with my fur kids, eating a bunch of junk food. Occasionally I go out.


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Which Saturday? lol. It's usually pretty random. I used to jib at the ramp, listen to chunes, video games, then hang out at a club. Maybe swim in the summer and check a dive-in movie. Things slowed down when I busted my leg but I'm getting back into it now. :nod:
We did video games, chunes, a party, and hung out yesterday. Grabbed pizza, went out to the lake, really tore things up and had some fun! :D Gotta have fun before Sunday.


Better Call Saul
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If I'm working it's an entirely different story but when I'm off I try and sleep in as late as I can. A lot of the time I'll use Saturday's to catch up on some things. Maybe go to the bank, mow the lawn, etc. I try and be productive since the other 5 days I am always working.


aka ginger warlock
I usually go to the gym first thing then come home and tidy up my flat and have food. Then make the rounds on phone calls to see who is drinking that evening and make plans for how the evening will play out.


Sultan of Swat
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In the morning I usually relax and recover from a night of drinking. During the day/afternoon I usually play video games for an hour or so, maybe watch a movie or some television. There's usually some sports on, so I watch that too. Some times I'll hang out with friends during the afternoon doing whatever. During the night, I usually go to a bar or a party.