How do you spend your free time?


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I play guitar, listen to music, surf internet, have a good time with my friends and watch tv, jog and go to gym. That's way i spend my free time. Sometimes I read a book but not so much. Now I'm hungry so I have to go eat!


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Anything I can do outside is good.. I read movies.. talk on the computer... bake.. I have a few video games I like to play.. the stereo is always on so I bounce through the house cleaning lol.. throw the tennis ball for the dog.. I cross stitch if I'm really bored lol


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I spend my free time gaming, listening to music, drawing, drinking, watching movies and socialising when I get the chance. Too much freetime and I begin sitting in my thoughts, so I constantly need to be occupied when I have nothing much to do.
normally i spend my free time alone because it gives me the opportunity to relax and reflect on what had happened during the past days, from there picking up on the things that i needed to prioritize.