How do you spend your free time?


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I just do the same thing every day really. Watch T.V, mess about on the computer, play on the Playstation, Drum, Listen to Music, Go to the Gym, Spend time with my girlfriend.
During my free time during the week, I like just sitting on the couch with the girlfriend and watching tv after work and school. Or take her out to eat that's always a good time. haha and on the weekends i am usually with a few friends just hangin out, ridin dirtbikes, and drinkin beer.


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usually i go shopping, visit my friends or take some exercise on Saturday,and on Sunday i often stay at home to wash my clothes, keep a diary,and watch tv.


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I spend my free time browsing the internet, reading books, watching movies, cooking and baking, playing with my nephews, camping, gardening, photographing stuff, painting, and research at the library. There are other things, but those are the main ones.
Writing, reading, TV, movies, video games and GF.

Those are ways I usually kill free time.

Bonfires, drinking and cards are also things I enjoy doing in my free time.


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Hissa, what do you write about?

I'm curious to know how much free time everyone has. My free time is about an hour a week that I'm not obligated to care for family, pets, house, work, and my personal hygiene. During that time I just stare at something pleasant.