How do you see french people


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I start this new topic because i'd like to know how you see french people or france in general ...
what are your prejudices ?
I'm french so I'm just curious to know this ... :lol:


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where do I start?:pthere is soooo much:lol:

I spent the best part of 5 years working in France and my initial impression was not to keen. I found the French to be arrogant, after a while though I realised its not arrogance but just an efficiency of say what you mean do what you do no nonsense attitude, instead of the politically correct 'where is your manners' that the Brits, Dutch and Scandinavians have. I started to like it and appreciate it after a while and have found that I have adopted this attitude which does not abode well in Wales:lol:.

The relationship between the UK and France obviously offers many prejudices, many of which I learnt to be misinformed; an example of this is the current fuel protests, in the UK it is seen as the French striking again! and almost seen as laziness whilst in truth it is more a stand up for your rights and be heard attitude, where infact we are the ones who should be ridiculed as we let our Government walk all over us.
Our police pussy foot around whilst yours have respect and authority and are feared. So in that manner I respect the French.

There is a xenophobic comedian called Al Murray who plays a role of a pub landlord he sums it up quite well;
"If we had too many rules, where would we be? Germany. If we had to fewer rules where would we be? France. Say no more"
It is a slight tongue in cheek attitude that other than our governments and attitudes towards them we are all the same.

For now I have bundled all French together, but I am also aware of the internal politics and cultures(similar to the UK and most countries) where you have basque, normans, alsations, bretons, parisians etc... and each group offering their own unique qualities. I have found the people of Paris to be completely different to those of Bordeaux, Lyon or Nantes. It is quite difficult to stereotype the French outside of international politics as they come in such a variety.

I have always found the French to be warm and welcoming and ready to help, something that is increasingly rare across all of Europe.

What I dislike about the French is the way that they see everything as an attack on themselves. For example; English is the international language of trade and commerce and most countries accept and embrace this whilst the French see it is a direct action to oppress their language - they need to be a little less self-righteous and a little more lenient towards change and not see it as an attack on themselves. You can after all be French and European!

I have never had any problems with the French, as long as I tried to speak the language and I made it clear that I was not English:nod: I was usually welcomed.

Anything else you want to know/ or any specifics?

I could do a write up like this on practicaly any European country having travelled extensivly? any Italians want an ear bashing I have a lot to say about your country.:lol:
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My only knowledge comes from my father who traveled there on business and hated the people. He said everyone thought they were better than you basically. Obviously that's one experience, so I'll hold my judgment until I go there.

On the other hand, the only war France ever won was against itself . . so France is hilarious, actually.


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On the other hand, the only war France ever won was against itself . . so France is hilarious, actually.
It could be argued that they won the American Revolution.:shifteyes:

edit; although I do like it when groundkeeper Willys describes the French as 'cheese eating surrender monkeys'
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Never met an actual Frenchman, so I can't judge, nor will I judge based on 1, 2, 500, 10,000 Frenchmen, because that is ignorance.

As a whole, you helped my country become independent from another, so that's worth a lot to me.


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I'm French Canadian, I've only met one person from France and he was very friendly. I don't live in Quebec, but I live very close to it. I hate a lot of people from Quebec because there seperatist, they think they should have there own Country, they don't want to be part of Canada anymore. I find that ridiculous, they woudn't be able to survive if they have their own country.

A lot of them are very cocky as well, think there better then everyone, there completely different from French Canadians, they treat english people like dirt and they all think there idiots.


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The French seem to have a negative connotation in America. Mainly because of their opposition in the invasion of Iraq and the media and Bush administration seem worked to spin the wheels of propaganda that french = bad.

I find it completely absurd to hold such hostile feelings against a country OPPOSING war. If you liked the French you were "unAmerican" a few years back. This is flawed logic at it's finest and many kids growing up still go on to insult people by calling them Frenchie's. It's just plain wrong and I am surprised it had become so widely accepted in America.

I have met a couple of French people. To be honest the French like most of Europe, the French have made invaluable contributions, either directly or indirectly to American society.

Since their global achievements are greater than any North American nation I would say I dont care if they think they are better than us. Because in my opinion they are greater contributors to the global society.

They are second only to the UK IMO on impact on the modern global world.


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They are second only to the UK IMO on impact on the modern global world.

Its interesting that you put that as being from the UK I see the French as being the biggest influence on us. About a quarter of the 'English' language derived from French. Many political ideas and philosophical ideas and isms germinated in France before crossing the channel. We eat an abundance of French food and French culture is everywhere.

I see more of France and its influences in the UK more so than I do say Scottish, Welsh or Irish influences:-/.

Did you know;
In 1956 French Prime Minister Mollet spoke to the British Prime Minister Eden about a possible union between the two countries effectively making an Anglo-Franc state.

The idea was rejected and it was then proposed that the British Commonwealth and the Union Francais should merge together. Again the idea was rejected.

Instead what happened was that France looked in the opposing direction towards Germany and the low countries and you then see the beginnings of the European Union.
How different things could of been!