Nintendo 64 how do you save game in super Mario 64

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by kwd1, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. kwd1

    kwd1 New Member

    I recieved a nintendo 64 system with no manuals. I can't figure out how to save the game in Super Mario 64. Anyone know?

  2. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    get a star and it should automatically save, if I remember correctly
  3. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    Are you serious? :lol:

    As soon as you create a new profile I'm pretty sure it saves your progress. You don't need a controller pak if that's what you've been pondering.
  4. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Well if you get a star it doesn't AUTOMATICALLY save, but, it does give you the option to save. Right after it spits you back into the castle it asks you if you want to save or not.
  5. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    I havent had my copy in a long time, but thats what I recalled.... friend borrowed it then lost it

    at least it gives you the option, sorry for my memory being so bad!
  6. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Yeah, it's basically a cart game's form of auto-save, it just gives you a prompt.
  7. dDave

    dDave Guardian of the Light V.I.P.

    Playing Mario 64 requires nothing special for an N64 all you have to do is get a star and when you get thrown out of the picture all you have to do is press "A" on the selection for save and continue, playing Mario 64 is pretty much as basic as you can go for an N64 because it doesn't require the expansion pak (the one required for Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, and Zelda Majoras Mask) and it doesn't require a controller pak or a rumble pak, in fact, I don't even think that you can use them in that game.
  8. RarePD

    RarePD Registered Member

    The Japanese version of Super Mario 64 supports Rumble Pak. :)

    Too bad the 64DD tanked or we would of had Super Mario 64 2 (or perhaps Mario & Luigi). They would of probably implemented some of the original 32 levels of Super Mario 64 before it was cut down to 15 in the final copy.
  9. dDave

    dDave Guardian of the Light V.I.P.

    Yeah the game would have been a lot more fun if there were more levels, there were plenty of places in the castle to put them, I also think that the final bowser could have been harder to beat, he was really easy.

    I would have loved to see more than 1 playable character in the 64 version, they fixed that on DS though.
  10. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    You have to remember, though, that this game came out in 1996. It was a launch title that didn't even support later N64 features that made or broke other games; it still hasn't really been matched in awesomeness.

    Yeah, it does have it downfalls, but that's compared to modern games. Compare Mario 64 to games like Crusin' USA and Wave Race (both release games)... there's no way to compare them. Sure, they could have put in other playable characters, but imagine what it took just to make the game and get it out for release day. There's a pretty damn big set of levels, too, considering the range of objectives.

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