How do you respond to a thread?


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What is your methodology? Several ways seen on GF include:

  • Replying without reading the OP or any others posts
  • Reading the OP then replying
  • Reading the OP, the whole thread, then replying
  • Banging your head against the keyboard

So what do you do?

Personally, I tend to read the OP and then respond. After that, I'll catch up on the rest of the thread and by then, someone has usually responded to me and I'll have been educated on what has happened in the thread so far.

How about you?


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It depends.

More often than not, I'll read the OP and no other posts, depending on how long the thread is, then I'll add my two pence worth. If it's a personal and sensitive issue, I'll say I haven't read any replies 'yet.'

Other times, I'll read the OP, then I'll answer again, days or weeks after for various reasons. To give it thought. To look into/think about it, or when I have time for such a thread.

Depending on my mood, I''ll sometimes just read the OP and reply there and then without giving it too much thought.

There is no real consistency to how or why I reply to a thread.


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I normally try to read the entire thread, but it doesn't always work out. I may be short on time, and only read the original post. What really sucks is when they include a link in the original post, and it's blocked at work and I'm unable to read it.

However, most of the more serious discussion threads, I bang my head on the desk repeatedly and never end up responding.
I'll take options 2 and 4. But there are times I'll read everything before posting. I can't recall a time where I just posted without reading anything, that just doesn't make sense, but it's possible that I have. Ha.


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I usually read the OP and then answer straight away. I'll read the other responses afterwards unless it's a boring topic.


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Well, I just read the OP, and all of the posts. Haha. I guess that is what I usually do. I'm never really rushed for time, so, I have all the time in the world to read everyone's opinion.. unless it's on a topic that I don't really care about. Then, I will just read the OP and reply to it.

I read a lot of threads, but I don't reply to a lot of them. I will think of something to say and then convince myself it sounds stupid, or pointless and won't say it.

Options 1 and 4 are what I use in Sub-Talk.
I never realised so many people just read the OP... nothing wrong with it, just it's so normal to me to read every reply before posting anything. Sometimes I'll just scan over the replies and miss out the really long ones if I'm in a rush, but otherwise, I read everything before posting.


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I bang my head on the keyboard repeatedly then edit it so it forms words.

No but really, I read OP and replies, then respond. Sometimes, if the thread is too long or im rushed on time then I just read the OP then reply. Sometimes I go through the thread and only read the replies from regular posters or people who's post usually interest me.


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I do 2, 3, or 4. More often then not I just read the OP, but I might read the replies also. I usually smash my head on the keyboard in chat.