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How do you protect your collection?


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Are they placed in a safe?
Are they insured?

My ex and I collected DVDs and we have over 800 as of last year, which was divorced and of which I got custody of the half. He has put his in a rented storage together with his other stuff when he moved out of the house. Recently though, the storage caught fire and he lost everything. There's no way he's gonna recover those DVDs and even if he is paid the general insurance policy for his stuff, I don't think one can easily replace a collection including if you had sentimental value to such or if you owned hard to find stuff.


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The only "collectibles" that are really important to me are things like photos and family stuff that has been passed down to me. Unfortunately I do not have any kind of protection for any of it. I guess it's one of those things where if something ever happened and I lost all of it I would just have to say, "Oh well, they are only objects. Life goes on."


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My real collectibles......such as bonds and such, are in a safe deposit box at the bank.
My life insurance papers and other important papers, are here at my home, in a fire retardant box......but each of my children also have copies of my will and living will and etc.
My other "collectibles"...such as books, DVDs, my collection of fairies and things of that nature are here at my home with me....every day and every night.......
If anything bad should happen to where I should have to vacate my home suddenly, I can grab the fire proof box, my Mother's urn and my purse...and I should be Ok :)


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The high value comics are all insured and in a safe deposit box, the others are bagged and backed and put into sealing water and weatherproof boxes.

The toys and movie props are all on or in glass shelves and are fully insured.


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Anyway while we are on the subject of collections.

I personally collect coins and video games, both of the collections are growing to be quite large.

My collections aren't really insured with anything however I certainly try my best to keep them safe on various shelves and folders, it's all organized as well.

If I lost my video games, some of them are very hard to replace, others not so much. As for my coins some of them are just impossible to replace, some of them are extremely rare and valuable, if there was a fire I'd go back in just to get them and probably my computer as well (for irreplaceable writings I have).
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I do nothing to protect my collections, really. I collect video games and ornaments, but whilst I do have a list online of all the games in my collection, I've nothing to remind me which ornaments I had.
I wouldn't replace either if I lost them in a fire, though. The ornaments, if I took a photograph, would probably be quite easy to find and replace, but many have sentimental value that I feel would be lost if I simply bought another the same. As for my games, my collection is quite large, with some hard-to-find pieces - I'm one of these people that would never be happy until I owned every game I'd lost again, and that would be extremely difficult and fairly expensive, so I wouldn't even try.


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My more expensive baseball cards are inside plastic protectors (with better protectors for more expensive cards). But my other stuff is pretty much unprotected.