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How Do You Properly Fill Out A Money Order?


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Hey everyone I am new to money orders. I just got a money order to pay someone $125 for a hard drive. The money order is from Western Union. My question is this: It says under the bottom right corner line: "Purchaser, signer for drawer purchaser by signing you agree to the terms on the reverse side", Does this mean I sign on this line or does that mean the person I am giving the money order to sign it? I'm still stumped, rep+ to anyone that helps.
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I think Andrew is correct but I've never done a western Union, I usually use postal money orders if I have to use one.


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I use Western Union money orders all the time; it's easier than an out of the way trip to the post office for me.

Anyway, that space is for you to sign, not the person you're giving the money order to. If you don't sign it, the other person may send it back and ask you to sign it, then mail it to them again. They may just sign it themselves, but a lot of people will send it back to you.

You should definitely sign it, especially on a money order for such a large amount. If you don't and the person tries to cheat you later, you may want to file for a refund on the money order from Western Union. That will be easier if you have signed this space, because they will be able to see that you purchased the money order if it was cashed.

There is also a long line for an address labeled Purchaser's Address, or something very similar, beside it. That is for your address.
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