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How do you manage burnout?


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Honestly, some time away or time alone would help a lot. No obligations, no scheduled/planned events. Just time to myself to nap, rest, do what I want at my own pace. No obligations, just enjoy time to myself to recharge. Usually for me I nap, veg out on video games or simply work out.


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Working out is my main one. Every day after work, sometimes just a walk or yoga but more often weights or HIIT training. It tires me out so I can sleep better, the endorphins improve my mood 10 fold and as I often attend classes, it's motivation for me to leave work at a certain time.

I also have a strictly no work emails policy on weekends.

I have a problem sometimes in switching my brain off from work when trying sleep so I use an app called headspace for guided meditation.

I'm lucky in that my employer is amazingly flexible so when I start feeling stressed I take a few days working from home and only check contact channels periodically. I've taken mental health days when it's gotten too much as they're very open about managing mental health as well as physical health. We're encouraged to work from home for any type of manageable sickness or take time off if it's not. I'm quite senior at my job and have gained trust over the years to let me have that flexibility but I also advocate that for newer staff or am open about taking mental health days on a hope they don't feel they can't. In saying this, I don't take advantage of this, I think I've had 3 actual sickness or personal health days in nearly 5 years.


I struggle with anxiety and burnout on the regular with my job. I have to use meditation techniques, stretching, and procrastination (unhealthy, I know) as ways to help ease the stress of work.

How do you deal with it?
Honestly, there is no cure for overtaxing your body and mind except to stop doing it for a significant time. Certainly things like rhodiola can help moderate energy levels during the day if you're not getting enough sleep, and meditation and exercises can naturally medicate the symptoms of burnout over the short term, but the only real answer is to stop burning yourself out. Until you can find a way to do that, I'd suggest getting as much sunshine as possible (within reason). Not only does it trigger the production of vitamin D and Serotonin, but sunlight includes wavelengths of light that have been shown to trigger repair processes at the cellular level and stimulate the production of neurotransmitters that are effective in dealing with stress.