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Music How do you listen to music?


aka ginger warlock
When I leave my house I always either have my ipod or iphone with me primarily so I can listen to music and or podcasts. I usually get my podcasts from a app built in to the iphone itself which seems to be a very good program to use. I also use Spotify on my iphone as I have a paid subscription which means I can use it on the go, this is invaluable to me and worth the monthly service charge I pay.

But how do you listen to music? Do you have an MP3 player or a CD player? Did you ever own a Minidisc player? I know I did and loved it!


Registered Member
The main place I listen to music is in the car. I have a cable which connects my ipod to the back of my stereo, best £10 I have ever spent!
At home I listen to podcasts I have on another ipod which lives on a dock in the kitchen. Or I listen to the radio. Don't often listen to music at home. I think it is because I like it quite loud and don't want to annoy the neighbours.
I don't really listen to CDs anymore, I have loads but they are all transfered onto my computer/ipod.
I also used to have a minidisc player, I loved it! Thought it was a shame they never took off. I also had a hifi with built in minidisc so I could transfer CDs onto a minidisc.


Sally Twit
90% of the time I listen to it in my car. I have something which allows me to connect my iPhone to the car radio and listen through the speakers. If I listen to it at home I use Youtube. Most of the time I watch films or TV shows indoors, though.


I am the woolrus
Mostly I listen to my music in the evenings before bed. I don't drive unfortunately and I'm workin most of the day so I find it harder these days to take the time to properly listen to music. I do generally have some music on while I'm in bed, but I'm usually gone by the 2nd or 3rd track :p


No Custom Title Exists
I love music that Australian radios put on but there is too much talk in between so I don't generally like it. I like to listen to music while I am driving so I have a 10 CD stack in my car which I automatically shuffle through, it's the best thing ever cos it means I don't have to swap disks manually.


I ♥ Haters
A couple of ways for me. First is the traditional way - an iPod, which I pretty much have on me at all times. However, if I do forget it, I have all my music backed up on my Blackberry.

Second, of course, is the sound system in my car. I don't really use CDs or anything anymore. I just have all music on a flash drive which hooks up to my stereo. Same thing with the stereo I have at home. Flash drive = best invention ever.


I listen it on my computer or on the radio/mp3 while running. The frequency of listening to music has decreased A LOT over the past years because of busy time and I'm not into it as much as I used to be.
Definitely is not everyday but every other week or so.


The main way I listen to music is at home, on my laptop. I have a shit ton of music on my iTunes. I have an iPod, which I used constantly at my other job, that now is just collecting dust on my shelf.


yellow 4!
Awh, I remember my Walkman and cassettes.

I only really listen to music in the car nowadays. I keep several CDs in there and rotate between them. Used to be off my laptop quite a lot and occasionally my ipod, but I don't listen to music as much as I did before.