How Do You Like Your Squirrel?


Hell, It's about time!
Squirrels are good eatin'... but a bitch to skin. Boil them up, take the meat off, cook it with some rotel, serve over rice.... mmm mmm good.

That or squirrel pot pie, or stew. It's all how you cook it. Squirrel is nice and tender if you cook it right. I think it's like chicken, but more tender.


Son of Liberty
meh... I've had squirrel before its not all that great to brag about. Gotta be tree squirrel to, we've got tons of the grey ground squirrels here and they are nasty, not good to eat from what I'm told, carry disease and all that wonderfulness.

A lot of the Hmongs around here love squirrel hunting, they kill the sh!t out of them and have big 'ol roasts. In fact the 1 time I did have squirrel was at a Hmong friend of mines house forever and a day ago.


Living on the 0th floor
I love squirrels. I could definitely not eat one no matter how it was cooked. I just think they are too cute, and there is no reason to kill them and eat them to think them out.. cars do that well enough.


Do What Thou Wilt
I'd rather have rabbit first. Watching Bear Grylls eat it on MAn Vs Wild makes my mouth water