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How do You Keep Your Pets Cool?


On those really hot days, what do you do to keep your pets cool? I used to put ice cubes in my dogs water on hot days, and sometimes spray him with a misting bottle of cool water. I would also try and keep him inside as much as possible in the air con instead of out in the heat.

With my lizard it doesn't matter as much since he likes the heat. But even he can get too hot so I always make sure his bath is full and turn off his heat lamp on the really hot days.


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I had a dog and two cats and if it got too hot for them they came in the house. The horses being too large to come in would go to the creek and play in the water. They would then run all the way back to the house for a drink of water afterwards. Never understood why they wouldn't drink out of the creek. We have really clean creeks.


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Keeping pets cool is not an issue where I live. We get lots of snow and have mild, not humid winters.

Keeping cool: usually just requires a shady area. We also have a kiddy pool that our German Shepherd made his own. We obviously keep water for them.

Warming up: not an issue for the shepherd. He's got a long, thick coat and absolutely loves the cold. He will willingly spend hours rolling in the snow and playing outside. He likes to lay near the fire once and a while.

My cat stays inside all of the time so keeping him warm/cool isn't a concern.


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Like Steve, it's a non-issue for me as well.

I have 4 dogs and I've never really had to work to keep them cool.

Occasionally I will have to tie two of them up to the back door where they would normally be exposed in the sun. An easy solution to this is to make sure they have access to water and shade, that's all a dog really needs, they can get sunburned too.

Other than that all I do is make sure to keep their water full, haven't had any problems so far.


Ms. Malone
The ferret has a cooling slate I either put on his shelf or wrap up and put in his bed; in extreme cases he gets the fan :lol:


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Icecubes in my dogs water and I pour water over the bathroom tiles because he likes to be in the bathroom during the hot weather.

Sometimes we fill the tub up halfway and he just lays in there.


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I used to have a cockatiel. And during the summer, I'd sometimes spray him with water with a spray bottle.

At first, he was a little afraid of it. But soon after, he loved it!

It was so cute to see him all wet afterwards.


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My apartment has a big ac unit in the corner of the living room. On the hot days my cat will lay right on top of it when the air blows out.