How do you keep your mind from wandering?


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Whenever you do your work, how do you keep yourself focused for long periods of time? How long can you focus on one thing for?


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I remind myself what's going to happen if I don't finish. I also remind myself how much of a pain it's going to be doing it last minute.
I can't. My mind is always wandering, regardless of what I'm doing. The more I try to concentrate on something, the more I think of something else.
The only time I can stay focused is when I'm writing and I'm sure that's because I'm constantly running scenerios through my head.


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It depends on the situation.

Sometimes the best way is to let your mind wander and not fight. When I allow it the freedom for a few minutes, then I regain my concentration easily after.

When I cannot afford to let it wander - for example, I have a thing to finish urgently - then I write down key points on a paper of things I'll allow myself to think of after. Once I do that, my mind is more relaxed because it knows that it can continue its journey later instead of trying to hold some image on my head for fear that I may forget about thinking it (especially when it's something I'd like to spend time to think about). Then I go back to work.
I regularly take breaks. And I also remind myself that hard work pays off. I don't want to be one of those countless lazy teenagers.

I can probably keep intense focus for like 30 minutes. Then I take a break and continue with that.


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Think of what will happen if I fail.

I'm a lazy git and I hardly ever do any real hard work, I'm always putting things off to the last minute anyway.


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I think to myself if I stay focused and just pay attention it will be over alot quicker and I can get to doing more important things.


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I take 400-800mgs of magnesium in the night, and the next day, I will be focused like a computer.

Apart from that, yes, breaks help a lot. Short breaks, very often.


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Usually if there is enoughng on I can stay focused, but even then on occasion my mind drifts off thinking of things I would either rather be doing or things I will do after work.