How do you handle compliments?


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I like giving (sincere) compliments and I like getting them but sometimes I don't handle them well. Ideally, I should just say "thank you" and appreciate it. I do that most of the time. :) But there are times I feel a whole lot of other things that affect the way I respond to it, like:

- wondering if it's really sincere or not (some give backhanded compliments after all)
- feeling pressured to compliment back (when I think the person is waiting for me to return it)
- or just embarrassed to say anything else (sometimes I probably even say, oh, that's not true, haha).

How about you? Do you enjoy getting/giving them? Do you easily accept compliments with just a thank you?


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i love to give compliments...and can't stand when people bash out and say no, or only makes me wanna say more or prove my point

although...hypocritically--I deny compliments and rebut the compliment

im never happy


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Sometimes I feel a bit werid giving compliments, just for the reason of I have no idea how they will react. When I was in high school I told someone I liked her hair tie and she replied with "Yeah, so do I, that's why I bought it" which I wasn't happy with her about, made me feel stupid.
Generally though, I will give out compliments in the hope they will accept them with a thank you and move on.

When people give me compliments I just say thanks and maybe compliment them back, just to return the favour. I do sometimes wonder if they are being sincere or not, but I dont really care if they are taking the mick.


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I just say thanks if someone gives me a compliment, sometimes I'll just say a joke like "I do what I can" and give them a smile.

I personally love getting compliments.


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I feel more comfortable giving them then receiving them. Dont get me wrong I like getting them but sometimes I dont know if they realize how thankful I am to get them (there are different occasions)

I dont overgive compliments either...they lose their luster if u do that.


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I rarely give compliments that are sincere, usually I'll mean it sarcastically, but people rarely pick up on that. And that makes it hard for me to believe compliments people give me. Usually I'll just say thank you, but I'll be wondering whether or not they were being rude behind the comment.
It depends really. If I've done something I'm proud of and it gets complimented then I'll say thank you and be happy about it. On the other hand, if someone compliments me directly for no major reason, I automatically start thinking about all the reasons there could be for why they said it. It can never be 'just because' in my mind. Either that or I will get embarrased and not know what to say. I do appreciate them though, I just don't handle them well.

I sometimes compliment people really awkwardly, or at awkward times. I find that quite amusing :lol: But I suppose that's not so nice because I know exactly how it feels...


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I am not very comfortable receiving compliments because I can never really tell if they are sincere or not. I usually say awww thank you if I feel like it really is sincere.. I have a problem with denying the compliment with "Oh no, I am not blah blah blah."

I like to give out compliments where they are due. I think people should know the good things about them or the wonderful things they do. I am not the best at it, but I sure try.


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Being a fairly sarcastic person i usually respond with a "yeah, what can i say lol" or something along those lines but if it is a really sincere compliment or somebody i wouldn't use my normal sense of humour with i respond with a really sincere thank you and a smile.