How do you go to sleep?


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Do you just fall asleep when you go to bed or do you need to wait until you are absolutely exhausted? Do you use sleeping pills to fall asleep?

Do you need lights out or can you sleep with lights on?

I prefer pitch black myself, but if I'm tired enough I can sleep with lights on.

I usually have to stay up as late as possible so I'm completely exhausted. I can usually manage this by staying up super late every other day. That way I'm tired the next day and can get to bed at a normal hour.

I have trouble going to sleep sometimes but I won't go the sleeping pill route. There are too many things that scare me about them.


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How do you go to sleep?
With difficulty.

I've never taken pills. I normally stay lying in bed till I go to sleep. I prefer lights on cos for some reason they affect my tiredness, but Husband-mine can't sleep with lights on, so I stay awake in the dark.
Staying up till exhaustion takes over will take too long, so I just lie in bed and rest till I fall asleep.
I usually wait until I'm really tired to go to bed. It causes problems since I can never keep a normal sleeping schedule. It could be unhealthy doing that and never getting into a sleeping pattern.

I need pitch black to sleep. When I was younger I needed a night light because I was scared of the dark. Now I LOVE the dark. Well..., now that I think about it, a night light isn't such a bad idea. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and trip on my shoes. Ugh... But, um, yeah, I need mostly darkness to sleep (well).

The weather is also an important factor. If it is super hot than I CAN NOT sleep. Even if I'm dead tired I can't fall asleep when it scorching hot outside. Either I wait until it starts to cool off or go in the coolest room with a fan and go to sleep. The colder it is, the better I sleep.
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It being summer, and since I can't work right now I pretty much stay up until I can easily fall asleep. Waking up at 2 PM is way underrated. It kicks ass sleeping 10-12 hours a day and then doing nothing but watching TV, occasionally going to a party, and jerking off. Think about that as you're going to sleep. May cost you another hour or so. I'm not sorry.


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I sleep from 2pm to 5pm each day, i work nights, and yet i dont feel sleepy when i go to bed, my mind never shuts of. its gotta be dark in the room, (pretty hard when its in the middle of the day) and i gotta have a nice glass of cold water befor bed, or i feel to hot and dont sleep to get, and if my cat isnt on my bed, i toss n turn most of the time im trying to sleep. but if my cat is on my bed i sleep good for the 3 hours i get.


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I'll be lying in bed watching TV until I fall asleep with it on most nights or sometimes I'll catch myself closing my eyes and then just shut the TV off and sleep. However, I broke my glasses last night so it may be interesting with only one ear piece on them now. They lasted a good long time though probably 10 years before replacing them. Thank goodness I only wear them to bed lol
I have to wait until I'm so tired that my eyes won't stay open before attempting to sleep. There are many nights that I'll fall asleep sitting up, still holding my laptop.
My biggest problem though is staying asleep. If I wake up even after only a couple of hours of sleep, I'm usually up for the day.
I can sleep with the light on or off.
I wait until it's time to sleep. If I waited until I was tired I'd miss school. I seem to be geared to sleep mornings rather than at night.


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I usually don't fall asleep until I'm really tired so I usually wait to go to bed until I am tired.

When I get into bed I fall right asleep, unless I'm in a completely quiet room I can't do that for some reason. I run a rather loud fan and 2 computers in my room at night, and it helps me sleep.