How do you get the news?

How do you commonly get the news?

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Seeing as to how we live in a very technologically advanced society nowadays the newspaper is not needed anymore to get news there are many other ways to get the news including TV, Internet, or by other people telling you.

How do you get the news?

What is your preferred way of getting the news?

I get the paper delivered to my house every single day, I actually like reading it more than news online.

With news online it's a lot more difficult to get local news and the super important stories are always sitting in that cluttered list of stories that you don't care about so they're harder to find. With the newspaper all of the important things are already right there for you since they have a limited amount of space.

I also watch the news on TV usually Fox or CNN, I don't mind it, it's certainly not quite as descriptive as writing but you have actual people sharing their opinions on stuff so it's a different view on the stories.

I also get the news through the internet occasionally usually when someone posts a story here.

How do you get the news?

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I dont actually pay much attention to the news... dont look watch news on tv and i dont read the newspaper :-/
If i am reading something news-related, it will be on the internet, so i guess ill go with that option...


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All of the above. I watch the news on TV, read the paper, check online news sites, and every once in a while word of mouth if I haven't seen it already on one of the other 3 sources.

There have been a few big news items that I've found out about from GF even. Probably the biggest so far was when Heath Ledger died. I found out about that when I saw it in the latest posts box here at GF.


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All of the above. I used to get it more from the telly because I watched it daily. Now, I can't seem to be available to watch during the news hours (12-13h30, 19-20h30). I catch some parts of it, that's all. Internet has become my main source of news (bbc, newsforums, etc.). Every other week, I get my Newsweek Intl subscription and that gives me a good summary of the highlights plus a more in-depth look at some news.


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I only watch the news on TV just to catch the weather reports. Otherwise it's usually useless to me and I read my news online or if someone told me something. The newspaper is only good for comics, crossword puzzles, and coupons in my opinion.
Internet, TV and newspapers, in order of preference. In all my years of reading newspapers, I've never found one that could keep the bullshit aside for more than a fleeting moment. I have Sky News on sometimes, which is a decent watch and I catch BBC news often too. The Internet gives me the ultimate selection though and I have a couple of on the button, close-to-neutral informative spots that I frequent.


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I usually get my news from word of mouth, and sometimes on the internet, reading stuff here. I don't care enough about the news to read the paper or watch the news on TV.


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I usually go to to get the latest news thats been happening. Now that I have an iPhone I can look at it through there as well. At home in the morning before work my parents always watch the news, so I do the same now lol.



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Usually periodicals like Newsweek and Time, TV (CNN), Newspapers and then Internet.

Although I usually don't have much time to read as much as I would like.


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Most of the time I get my news online or through word of mouth. I check the local newspaper's site sometimes for the latest news, but most of the big events are discussed on forums anyways, so I'll hear about them that way if nothing else.