How do you get along with your parents

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Critter, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Critter

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    Didn't know where this fits but i assumed relationships would fit.

    My mom great i am a momma boy :lick: and proud to be one. There one thing that happen with my mom and i, she was upset telling me getting me upset and i had to hang up. So she apologize later it was just too much for me.

    that like the only thing that happen in so long.

    Now with my dad. well not as good as my mom. He does not act like a father, he is my rep (has control of my money) to pay the bills etc... But he also stresses me out so much its not funny.

    Like if i ask for some money it mumble and groan about it. (its a join account) yet i have no access to it and told me he would tell me never did

    The other thing if i have problem with my car, right now the bulb light is out in the back (blinker) and the front same side (driver side) blinker is going fast.) I told him about the front he told me to wait, now the back i just notice.

    So i tried to fix it myself and i got the light off but nothing else. So if i was told how to do it i wouldn't have this problem now. Yet he can't take 10-15 minutes out of his time to help his own son.

    Now i got a little bit better relationship with my Older Brother and he can someone be simliar to my dad but not as bad. Now he has giving me some food money (which is my dad's job to really do) and he gave me $4 dollars so i could fix my low beam light out)

    Now with my Younger Sister i got a great realtionship with her. She can easily be a little smart ass, But when my brother was being immature, she said this "I only have one brother" She was referring to me.

    She called me up maybe a month or two when she was visitng my dad on his weekend, and she ask me to come play some ping pong. So i told her i be over there shortly.

    I also if i visit my mom and my step dad i pay a video game with her ( i gave her the n64) she loves Perfect dark and Mario kart. Another thing with my sister.

    She was starting a new school year and she forogt to bring something back the classes she choice, and knowing my dad he wouldn't drive for it till she came back next week.

    So i believe that my step dad was going to meet half way. and i did that just for my sister. My sister was so piss at my dad she didn't pick up the phone when he called back.:D

    Also with my dad gf this just happen the other day. My dad has not seen my sister in 3 months (she usually goes to friends place and i can tell you that i can't blame her) she said Hello to deb. And Deb ignore her and waitted for her to go to her friends place.

    Though if my sister does not say hi its rude :rolleyes: I do remember being there one where we are trying to get into a place and i said " excuse me deb" in a rude sarcastic voice she goes "oh Sorry"

    btw i have called deb the b word before. I made a grown women cry... :-o I was talking about animals and i have know and live with animals many times.

    In fact i acutally reported her to the animal officer cause she gave the dog one of the soda can holders. with the rings around them. I took them right away took a picture and left. (augring about dogs)

    here a what she gave the dogs...
    [​IMG]I know she didn't mean to though my dad does not know, though he did get a local call from the animal officer in there town.

  2. Dragon

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    I get along with my mom just fine. I call her about once a week to see how she is doing. I miss her soo much that I want to go visit her.
  3. EllyDicious

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    i get along with my parents pretty ok. i mostly get along with my mom. we yell at each other 24 hours a day but it's becaue we love each other. that's the way we use to express it. ha!
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  4. Critter

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    Wow. So i just got back from my dad's house, anyways I remember a couple days ago my dad ask me to move car cause i park in deb space. :rolleyes:

    I didn't stay long at all nor do i care. this is not a reseve spot at all. I went back to give my dad somethign and see the dogs so since it was around 6pm the dogs were not feed. so i fed them.

    Ok so i wait for her to come just to tell her i already gave them there food. She says "i just like to ask you guys not to park in my spot i got alot of stuff all the time)

    Seriously her name is not on house or the parking space. i park where i pleased thank you very much.

    In till i see a sign or if she handicap i will park there :-o
  5. Shooting_Palanx

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    I get along with my parents great hehe. I always argue with my dad about just about anything wouldn't be the same if we didn't.

    It's a thing we have.
  6. Critter

    Critter Registered Member

    :cool: That's neat in its on way as long as no feelings get hurt
  7. Envy

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    My relationship with my parents is complicated just like pretty much everything else in my life. But overall I'm still in a way better situation than I could have been. They actually spoil me quite a bit and take good care of me.

    I just wish they could accept me for who I am. And that's the problem, they're only making things worse in that regard. But they can just join the club, I guess. Pretty much everybody else is like them. Claiming to support and accept me, but it's all lies.

    But as you see I can not cast them aside for that as I love them and they have taken great care of me in everything else. >_<
  8. Critter

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    So wh are you if you don't mind me asking :lick: If you can get me an example if you don't mind i appericate it
  9. wolfheart

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    I get along great with my parents, I see them around four times a week, on a weekend if I am staying there I have a few drinks with my old man, we have a good relationship and I love being with them.
  10. Envy

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    It's an LGBT thing. I'll leave it at that.

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