How do you file your taxes?


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With tax season upon us (in the US at least), I’m curious what you do to file your taxes? Do you use software such as TurboTax or do you pay an accountant?


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File for free on credit karma. CK is a must use site. They update your credit report every 7 days. If your credit gets stolen and you don't find out for 6 months you're screwed.
This is what I recommend for anyone that is hesitant to do it yourself. Do it like you always do, then go to CK and do it yourself and check to see if the numbers match. You can do it on CK and not submit, just get the $ amount if refund.


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I do my own also electronically and once family members find out you're able to do it, you all of a sudden become the tax man unfortunately haha Same as impaired, don't feel like paying someone to do a service that I'm capable of doing.