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How do you feel during the Summertime...


It always reminds me how lonely I feel.

Some friends are on holidays, a few work until late, others have simply faded away and mind their own business, the rest have a significant-other they love and mostly spend their day with.

Where do I stand? Seems like nowhere. Sure, we talk on the phone ..but this doesn't seem to be enough for me. So I end up going to the gym or outside for a run, sometime I go shopping alone...and that's it.
It has always been like this! I hate summertime with a passion!


yellow 4!
when school is out during summer I feel bored and lazy. will probably be a little different this year since I'm working for part of it, but otherwise, that is generally how I feel. not a huge fan of summer, I like being up at university rather than home, as much as I love my family to bits and spending more time with them. not to mention missing the colder weather.

also, summer days can sometimes put me in a strange mood. don't really know why. :S


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I too hate summer. But mostly because it's so hot and humid. I'm not a beach person, because I'm afraid of the water- because I can't swim. And too much sun gives me an awful headache. So in the summer, I wish for Autumn :)
And when Autumn (Fall) arrives, I wish it would never leave!


Better Call Saul
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It used to remind me of being off school and fun and baseball and all that.

Now days it's not the same since I'm working and usually working more hours then if it weren't summer. Now days when it's summer I'm normally daydreaming about how much better fall is and that it's the next season haha


still nobody's bitch
I love Summer more than almost anything in the world. I love fireflies, I love that it stays light out until after 9 pm, I love hearing the birds singing when I wake up, I love the sound of crickets, I love being able to go outside in shorts and flip flops, I love love love swimming, I love a nice full green corn field, I love the way the trees look when they're blowing in a breeze, I love Summer thunderstorms, I love the 4th of July, I love sitting outside with my coffee in the morning, I love all the different fairs and festivals that happen during Summer, I love being able to sit outside at a bar in downtown Ann Arbor and watching all the weirdos go by while I enjoy a cold one. There are only two things I don't like about Summer - mosquitoes and road construction.

YouTube - ‪Sly & the Family Stone - Hot Fun in the Summertime‬‏

Summer makes me one happy happy girl.


Creeping On You
Summer is my favourite. I love the long days. Yesterday it was light at 430am, and didn't get dark till 11pm. I love it. It means that i can fit shit loads of stuff into one day. I love that it isn't cold, that I can go biking and camping. I hate the heat and humidity, but that's easily rectified by doing one of the above things to take your mind from it. I love everything about summer. And fall.


Living in Ikoria
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My opinion is a lot like Jeanie; Spring is basically my favorite season because everything blooms and comes back to life...to me, Summer is a continuation of that life.

The nature side of it is awesome; the plants are all grown out, animals are more prominent and active, streams are flowing, etc. (I enjoy the small things like just being able to watch a bird out of my window for a few minutes, they're more rare in the Winter around here).

Even though I'm easy to sunburn (and medically have to be really careful about that b/c of post-transplant meds), I love the fact that it's sunnier outside...the sun puts me in a good mood and makes it more pleasant to be out and about. I love to swim, as well...I rarely get the chance, though, so sometimes that makes me mad lol.

And besides the danger that may come with them, I enjoy the rainier times and I like listening to thunderstorms from time to time.

Overall, I'm just not a big fan of cold weather so Summer is great with me...it's the season of float trips and camping as well, you've got to love that. Like Millz, I also associate it with baseball and happy childhood memories. When you're a kid, it seems to last forever.


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Unstructured and free which can lead to lazy, unorganized, and bored. Mostly though I love it. Sleeping in, laying around in pajamas, playing on the computer, watching a soap, evening walks, gardening, spontaneity, no rushing or running around.


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I love Summer, I love being home and just chilling by myself because I can. I go to the beach on a odd day but it's usually spent at home.