How do you feel after a work out?


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After a work out I normally feel amazingly high. Like a high that no drug could ever give me. I feel like I've done something right. And the more time I spend at the gym, the better I feel. I'm like wide awake when I leave the gym.

But my foster mom says that she feels horrible after the gym. Like tired and worn out and in pain and like anything else bad.

How do you guys feel after working out?


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I always feel really good after a work out. I always leave the gym feeling a million times better than when I went in. It's not until the next day that a begin to feel sore or tired.


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Well, immediately after I usually feel like I am going to die. About 5 minutes later I feel great though, definitely better than I did before the workout.


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During and immediately after the workout I feel like I'm about ready to pass out, but shortly afterwards I usually feel great, maybe not the best physically (cause I'm very sore usually) but I feel great mentally.

Most of the time though about an hour afterwards I'm pretty recovered, though I definitely can't repeat my workout right then and there, I still feel great.


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I don't feel tired, I feel pumped up and more eager to work out but I know when to stop and give my body a rest.


living on the border
I don't feel tired, I feel pumped up and more eager to work out but I know when to stop and give my body a rest.
Same, my only problem is that a lot of times I cant stop and give my body a rest because of the way it makes me feel:sick:


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I just breath in deeply and feel accomplished for the routine is over and hopefully I feel accomplished on the insides as I want to with my muscles aching haha. But some time in the hot tub with make things better Im sure, so I usually feel accomplished, haha.



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I never did get it when people said it made them feel so great. I must not have those endorphins that are supposed to kick in when you're exercising.

I like the results of working out...but it's just tiring for me, and I'm always glad when it's over with so I can do something more fun.
I always feel great after I work out. No matter how bad my day was, going to the gym always relieves the stress and makes me feel better.