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How do you Display your Collection?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Greetings my fellow collectors.

Well since I started a thread on how do you store your collections, I thought would start this one on how do you Display your collections.

I Use glass display shelves and cubes. I bought out an old Hallmark stores display shelves and cubes and use those along with tons of tacks.

My walls are filled with Comic, Game and movie Action Figures (MIB)(MIP) then the shelves have all the Box sets and loose stuff on them. Then I have a Glass Display Case for my movie props. I wish I had the room to put it all out.

Most of all my comics line the back walls of my office and the closet in my bedroom.

I have now moved to the ceiling. It's the only place I have left. I'll post pics of the New office once I get everything put away and cleaned up.

So how do you display your collections?
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Likes snow
My figurine collection at my apartment is sitting on my minifridge.

My figurine collection at home gets a bookshelf, and a few other random spaces.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
My DVD collection is on display in the living room. We recently bought a big see-through armoire to arrange them. It covered about 80% of the wall.

My post card collection is just in a box.


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My gun collection lines the walls of my basement, some are in plexiglass cases. The antique lighters I have are sealed in vacuum sealed bags and stored in some tuperware containers.


Sally Twit
I used to collect stickers/labels from everything. I'd stick them on the inside of my mum's cupboard doors and it used to driver her insane. She gave in eventually though and let me fill them all up with stickers. I had stickers from fruit, price labels from food, stickers that you get from magazines etc. Fun times...


Likes snow
I got a fancy new bookshelf, so now my apartment figurines are actually being displayed in the main room, rather than just sitting on my mini-fridge in the corner corner of my room. :3


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I just got 4 big glass display cases for my movie props. Now all I have to do is set them up and start unpacking the boxes of props.