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How Do You Decide What Console to Play On?


This is a question for those of us who own multiple consoles.

Just say a game comes out, and it's available on PC, Xbox and Playstation, and you have all three, how would you then decide which console to buy it for?

For me this depends on a few things. If the game is in a series, I will usually try and buy it on the same platform that I played the previous games, I will do this even if it's cheaper on one of the other consoles.

I also think about whether it's a game I'll want to play out in my living room, usually with my roommate watching, which makes it a more social experience, or alone in my room on my PC.

Aside from those two factors I usually just go for price.

But if it comes down to 360 vs PS3/PS4 I will choose PS3/4 because those controllers are easier on my hands. The 360 controller hurts my hand a lot to use. I haven't tried the ONE yet so I'm not sure what that one is like.


Creeping On You
Basically depends on what my friends have, since I mostly do multiplayer games, I get whatever console/game my friends have so I can play with them. Since I only own one console though, its an easy choice as far as which console to get a game for lol.


I play all Sony exclusives and third party games on the PS4, because it's the stronger console and I prefer the controller. The only things I played on the XB1 were the exclusives and the two games that came with it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I haven't had this problem since the Gamecube/original Xbox days, but it was always an easy decision to get games for Xbox if I could, just because it was a far superior console in terms of graphics, built-in hard drive, better controller, as well as Xbox Live compatibility.

Seeing as how I don't have either a PS4 or Xbox One, I will probably be getting all of my new games for PC.