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How do you deal with sweaty armpits?


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I'm involved with a 6-month-long research project regarding sweat and how we deal with it. The goal of this project is to eventually come up with the discovery of a real problem that will then be handed over to product designers to solve.

I'm hoping do discuss with you about how do you deal with sweaty armpits.

How do you prevent sweaty armpits?

What do you do when you can feel that icky sweat dripping down your sides?

Do you ever feel like you shouldn't reach for high things on a shelf?

Let it out!

Thank you,


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Staff member
Well, the word shower comes to mind..

Either that or anti-persperant deodorant, but that only works for so long.

I doubt anything can be made to prevent sweat that would also be safe. It's not like your body is sweating just for fun. It's part of a cleansing process.


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I use deodorant. If i'm away from my room/don't have any on me, i'll go into the bathroom and use a paper towel to dry off.


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This is exactly what anti-perspirant is used for. I don't know how well it works cause I don't sweat that much and just use deodorant.


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I use adidas anti perspirant deodrant. Stops it really well!
But i generally sweat really badly on the back of my head!


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deoderant and a shower with soap and water. If you have really bad armpit sweat use antipersperent and bring deodorent with you. There we go that was a quick fix :)


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Or if you are in highschool then you can use the Axe approach. Fill a fire extinguisher with Axe body spray and just really let yourself have it for a good 10-20 seconds when you start to notice an odor. At least that seems like what all of the highschoolers are doing these days to replace personal hygiene. :D


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Well.. taking a shower daily tends to help. I don't over-dress, and I wear deodorant. That about covers keeping the sweaty armpit problem from happening.