How do you cut your chicken?


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When you have a chicken breast and you want to dice it, how do you go about cutting it? (Say you wanted to make a curry for example)

Me and my friend have been having this debate over the past few days.
She dices her chicken with a sharp knife and I cut my chicken with scissors. She told me that using the knife was the correct way of cutting chicken.

I just wanted to know if this was the case, and how you yourself go about cutting chicken. Maybe you don't use and knife or scissors at all and use something totally different?


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Yeah a knife is definitely the correct way to cut chicken no questions asked. The chicken is stabilized witha fork just in case you didn't know that.



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I use a pair of scissors that came with my knife set. It's really easier that way, and I don't know why she's saying that's not correct.
I use scissors. I also use them for cutting things like sandwiches in half. My friends think I'm crazy but I just do it because its easier and I guess its just copying how I've seen my mum do it.

As long as the chicken/whatever gets cut then I don't see a problem with using scissors! I don't believe there is a 'proper' way to cut it, like your friend says.

(P.S. This is for preparing food. At the dinner table, I cut with a knife, of course.)

(P.P.S. Not just any scissors, kitchen scissors!)


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Yeah, she told me that I was going to butcher the chicken by using scissors, I just find using scissors easier. I cut my chicken with a knife last night and I think it's totally stupid (personally, for me). My mum has always used scissors when cutting chicken, so that's the way I ended up doing it.


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I use a knife, but I guess that's only because I've never seen it done any other way. I may try to use scissors next time.


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I use a knife.

I got a really good chuckle off the fact you use scissors to cut your chicken...I don't why...I just think it's weird. I have pictures of you cutting your chicken with those scissors you get when your a kid that cut the different shaped lines...If any of you know what I mean


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I use scissors to cut chicken. I dont think there is any wrong way or right way as long as the result is diced chicken.

I've never seen sandwiches cut with scissors, I'd imagine this would be considered wrong, as when done professionaly the idea is not to crush the bread, hence why you use a bread knife.