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"How Do You Create A Job?"


Secret Agent
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Dick Blumenthal is quite possibly the dumbest brick head to run for a job in American politics.

Listen to his response to "How do you create a job". It would be laughable if it weren't for the chance that he might actually be elected in November. How anybody can think this is an intelligent answer is beyond me...

YouTube - Dick Blumenthal Stumped On How To Create A Job

I am sick of these idiots who think the government creates jobs. It's easy enough to understand job creation. Linda McMahon's answer at the end of that video pretty much nails it. (Yes, that's Vince McMahon's wife for you wrestling fans out there!)

Also, it's not the government's responsibility to create jobs. All the government should do is lower taxes so that business owners have extra capitol to hire more people. This seems simple but it absolutely works. History proves this time and time again. When you raise taxes, businesses have less money to pay employees and unemployment rises, when you lower taxes, the opposite occurs. It's not rocket science people.
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Son of Liberty
I saw this last night. His response is horrible. He lacks a basic understanding of how jobs are created. It's scary to think someone like him may actually be elected to Congress, although to be fair Barney Frank is in Congress and he shows a lack of understanding about everything.


Son of Liberty
Typical Politician.

2 minute video and he spent 45 seconds of it talking about himself and how "He defends Jobs!"

I will give props to Linda McMahon though. Instead of boasting about what she is, what she's done, what she will do, she flat out just answered the question with a straight answer in less than 20 seconds. Thats something you just dont see often if ever in the world of Politics. If she's that steadfast in all of her stances I really hope she gets more attention.