How do you cook your vegetables?

How do you like to cook your vegetables

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I like mine steamed, Keeps the flavour more and keeps them crisp. I also like to roast them.
Mushrooms, Onions and peppers go really nice with some meals when roasted.


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Depending on the type of vegetable it's either boiled or steamed.

I don't think that roasting is way too common.

Steamed carrots are awesome as well as boiled corn or peas. I don't know why everybody hates peas so much they are awesome especially if you add salt, although I usually don't.


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I'm a vegetarian and i eat a lot of veggies prepared in numerous ways. But I don't like steamed.

A favourite combination is mushrooms, baby tomatoes, garlic, asparagus, courgette and shallots all oven roasted. Mmm.