How do you conquer the world?

I don't know why I wonder such crap... but I wonder how you conquer the world. On your own or in a group.

Give me your method in becoming undisputed ruler of this world, or devise a plot between a bunch of you.


The Hierophant
Personally, I'd go the Hitler/Christ route. Yes, I'm using them in the same sense. It's all about building a cult that has lots and lots and lots of people. Then you just convince them that you're god or you're the best hero ever and they'll do whatever you tell them. Even if you tell them to set babies on fire and stomp them out with a sledgehammer.

I'd just conquer the US first, making my way north and south to get Canada and Mexico, so that I have one continent secured. Then I'd make my way through South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.