How do performers do it?

So I was chilling out viewing YouTube videos of bands and I stumbled upon Guns N' Roses singing their famous Welcome to the Jungle song at the MTV Music Awards way back when. Well, I love Guns N' Roses, so I viewed the video and WOW, the audience does NOTHING. Here, I'll post the link so you know what I'm talking about:

YouTube - Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle (Live MTV VMA 1988)

I literally saw only one hand up in the entire show, and that's just sad. I just don't see how you can sit through this song without dancing or making some sort of movement.

Anywho, I can't imagine being a performer going to an award show and expecting the audience to react like that. It takes some real, real major skill to pull that off - especially considering how much Axl and the guys are into the song while looking straight ahead to the limp audience. I can't even bare to view the video directly, I have to move it down and listen to him preform. I just can't bare it! >.<;

I wonder if it hits a nerve with any performer who goes through that whenever preforming at an event where it isn't specially for you.
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A little history from my area... 30 years ago AC/DC played in my town, they were boo'd off stage and even had soem beer bottles thrown at them. The band pretty much gave Fresno the Bird and said "We'll never play in this piss poor town again!".

30 years later they are showing up for the first time since then. lol So I can imagine that not all bands have the patience as G&R showed there! I couldnt even imagine what some other bands went through in their early stages.


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I can't help it when it comes to music, I always do some sort of action when I get into it, and I don't see why people wouldn't because its Guns n Roses :S


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I don't get how they can just sit there, even if I don't like a song, I find myself at least nodding along to it. If it was live, i'd probably be a lot more into it.


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I've been to concerts where I'd rather just sit there and enjoy the moment rather than move around. I remember when I went to the George Strait concert I mostly just sat there... didnt really get into it enough to go crazy like some people.

:hah: So I'm the kind of person that would ask: How can you get into every song like that?


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That song is definitely not the kind of song you'd just sit and listen to - you'd have to make some sort of movement surely. You don't have to love a song to at least nod your head a little. I think if I was watching any band perform I would move because I'd feel awkward if I didn't. I'm not saying break dancing in your seat but at least stand up.
That was quite surreal to watch, I don't usually take much notice of audiences. I can relate to Ice in the sense that I prefer to just listen but even so, I find it crazy that practically all of them are just.. standing there. At least they're showing support at the beginning by screaming and stuff lol. I suppose there's nothing a band can do about it but play on.
I'll be sure to watch my mouth and not utter the words "Musicians have it easy, they just play music all day and drink all night.", when clearly they have to go through these awkward performances where the audience is frozen.


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That would be super awkward. But remember, this is an awards show. They were all like that back in the day cause they didn't put a little pit of people in front of the stage. Everyone was just in their seats. Nowadays, MTv award shows and the like have a pit of people right in front of the stage that are there specifically to dance and rock out to the bands. Makes it look better overall.


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Being a musician myself, I've performed on several occasions where the audience didn't really go there for that reason (like they just happened to be there or the whole thing was off planned, but we still performed as requested for the pay).

Dead audience is really a turn-off. The best you can do is just to remember how you enjoy what you're doing and have fun and think you're rehearsing. :lol: