How do I grow less body hair?

I find shaving my pubic region and butt to be very tedious. Soon I`m going to have to start shaving my chest too.

Is there any way I can make these places grow less hair so I don`t have to do it so much? Are there any "balding creams," I can use or anything like that?


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I double dog dare you to go get some Nair and put it all over your crotch and ass. Nair is a hair removal cream or something. If you feel a little bit of a tingle, that's normal.


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Don't listen to Hiei, Nair works well but you're not suppose put it on or around your privates, it will only start burning. :lol:

I've used Nair on my chest/stomach a few times and it worked well.
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Mrs Smith bought herself an epilator for her legs.
I wouldn't want to try it on my genitals personally, but who knows... some might consider it.


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What wrong with having a fro bro! Girls like that extra cushion in that region. I would use a hair removal product other than Nair to help you stop growing in that region.