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How do I grow less body hair?


New Member
I find shaving my pubic region and butt to be very tedious. Soon I`m going to have to start shaving my chest too.

Is there any way I can make these places grow less hair so I don`t have to do it so much? Are there any "balding creams," I can use or anything like that?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Or you could just let the hair grow naturally. What's wrong with having body hair?


The Hierophant
I double dog dare you to go get some Nair and put it all over your crotch and ass. Nair is a hair removal cream or something. If you feel a little bit of a tingle, that's normal.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Don't listen to Hiei, Nair works well but you're not suppose put it on or around your privates, it will only start burning. :lol:

I've used Nair on my chest/stomach a few times and it worked well.
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Son of Liberty
I've used Nair on my chest/stomach a few times and it worked well.
I have too and I agree, it works pretty well. I would recommend it.


Registered Member
Mrs Smith bought herself an epilator for her legs.
I wouldn't want to try it on my genitals personally, but who knows... some might consider it.


Where is my Queen?
What wrong with having a fro bro! Girls like that extra cushion in that region. I would use a hair removal product other than Nair to help you stop growing in that region.


Likes snow
If you scar the area to the point of destroying the hair follicles, new hair should not grow in.