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How do I get my money back?


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Okay with xbox 360 frinzy calming down a little I had decided to check into and maybe even purchase one for my husband and son. That said I set off to find a good deal being the bargain shopper I am. Now I did have limited means of money ... limited meaning borrowing from good old mom and dad sadly. None the less I did find a good bundle (or so I thought) it was listed as xbox 360 mega bundle, Wow 4 games, 2 controllers .... ect. you get the idea. So it had like 2 minutes left to bid. Now mind you this was found doing a search for xbox 360 premium ,... under systems... I won the auction and my husband was so excited. I ran my butt off on Monday borrowing the money to pay for this. I emailed the guy telling him what 4 games i wanted added from his list. I paid him yesterday once the money was in my checking account and then I happened to notice one small detail. Upon close examination of the listing it was questionable weither or not an xbox was really included. OMG how could I be such a moron! I stayed up crying for over 3 hours straight and do believe I called myself every obscene name in the book for being such an idiot. So I calmed myself and emailed the guy. Turns out I am an idiot. However this guy tried to make me a very unusual offer. He offered to send me a xbox Core unit with one game and my option of an additional controller, memory card, or overnight shipping. Now The amount I paid was $640.00 ... does he think I'm an idiot?? Okay well I am, but I mean not twice on the same deal!!! Anyhow I was finally just like ,, hey could you just refund me my money minus $20.43 you incurred on paypal transfer fees ( since he made such a big deal about that) Well he replied that he would refund my money, but it would cost me $62.00 and some odd cents.
So I called paypal and talked with a rep who told me that wasn't allowed and also said I had to wait 4 days to give him time to refund the money she also told me to reply to him stating I was requesting my money in full and that paypal does not allow sellers to charge buyers for any fees incurred on their account. I did everything she said and apologized once more for my arrogance on the matter. Am I doing the right thing? I feel like and idiot, but the lady from paypal told me flat out that his auction was set up very tricky and misleading. When I checked his feedback responses for similar auctions it turns out I don't think I'm the only one who has been mislead, with exception I think others have went with his xbox and one game deal and been happy to just receive an xbox. Is it just me? or do you all think I'm doing the right thing? I think this guy is a total rip off.


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Hi..First off if the header said X-Box 360 then that's what you should get...
If it was for an x-box then it should have read X-Box.
This sounds fishy to me..I would file a claim for full refund with pay pal since the seller was misleading..
And second 600.00 for a regular x box is a rippoff!!!!
Get your money back..Make sure to report his missleading auctions to eBay as well..
Don't feel bad alot of eBayers have fallen prey to scams and missleading auctions tyhis year..
I would call my bank and stop payment if you can...
Don't let scamers bully you into paying for the listing fees and pay pal charges..
If it was liget then they and you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place..
It's time to fight back.!!! Report them!!!!!!


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The paypal lady said I had to wait 4 days ... do have to do that or can I go ahead and report it... she said all he had to do was sign in and hit refund. Since the item hasn't been shipped. If he ships it I'm just putting return to sender or rejecting the package one. Plus he was saying guarenteed by christmas then he said today only if I turned down xtra controller or memory card and chose overnight for 79.00 and the dude is only like 2 hrs away!!!


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You know what cno2u? Our financial advisor here at work fell for a similar scam last week, just not with such a high price tag.
I cannot believe the audacity of those sellers, I truly hope Paypal comes through for you, and by all means REPORT the idiot to eBay over and over again.
Let us know how it turns out for you.

Maybe someone who has experienced something similar can help you out.


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I would call PayPal again.

First of all, if he uses the REFUND function built in to PayPal, he won't be charged the fees.

He's trying to pull a fast one.

Call your credit card company and dispute the charge immediately.

Then call PayPal and tell them all of this, and they will help you get it filed. Timing is very important now. Get this taken care of quickly, and before the end of December, because you'll have a lot more hassle if you wait until a new month, let alone a new year.

Sorry to hear abou this. Make sure to report all emails from this person to eBay too, and file a dispute with them as well. Hopefully everything will work out, and surely the people you bought this for will appreciate that it's really the thought that counts, and that you tried. You may get your money back quicker than expected and still have time to get a 360 Premium.

(Don't get Core either. It's like buying a bike instead of a car)


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Well so far I spoke with another paypal rep who walked me thru exactly what to write on the complaint. She was upset with his attitude ... this guy has turned into a real jerk! I also filed a complaint with ebay and let them know I did the same with paypal. Oh did I add when I went back to "my ebay" he had marked the item like I never even paid for it!!!! Here is the last email I recieved from him.....
Sorry Ebay & Paypal does not allow for auction winners to change their minds after the auction. I haven't charged you, and you haven't paid me any more money than your winning bid amount + the listed Shipping amount. If I understand you correctly You want me to have to pay all of the ebay selling and listing fees, and you get all of your money back. How is that fair to me? Now I know what type of person I'm dealing with. Despite that, If you want to exchange the accessory package for the Game console, and game, and a extra controller then I'm willing to do so to help you get your son his Xbox GAME CONSOLE. Let me know before 5pm today, otherwise the accessory bundle that you bought on 12/18, and paid for yeastersday, will go out in the evening mail.

I am not home, at work, and you have my work Email address, will be here untill 4;00.


sorry had to remove his name ... I'm sooo over this guy btw the console he is trying to give me is the core unit not premium in other words the $299. version.


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It's false advertising. He shouldn't have had Premium anywhere in the title or listing. Especially not the title.

Did you file a dispute with your credit card company to? If I were you I'd get a chargeback going.


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Man the whole xbox thing pissed me off. I saw people selling xbox's that were really only email addresses and selling "the box only". I spent a few hours one day emailing buyers telling them what they were actually buying and reporting the auctions to ebay. No one ever wrote me back, so I don't know if anyone took my advice or not. I heard that ebay put controls in and were making some sellers fax the reciept to ebay before they could list it. Most of the people buying were either new to ebay or very low feedbacks, I just felt sorry for them getting ripped off.

Also, it was my way to give back to ebay after selling 3 xboxes online. hehe


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I sold one on ebay and used the 2nd to pay for 1/2 of our german shepherd.:D

Have you heard from eBay yet?

Andrew, I don't think she used a credit card to pay for it, it mentions her checking account, which reminds me, can't you stop the transfer from your bank?


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If she paid using paypal and paypal sides with her, then all of the money will be returned to her paypal account by Paypal. But it probably wouldn't hurt to talk to the bank that the Paypal account is tied to.