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How do I change my viewpoint?


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Sorry if it's in the wrong place. Been a while since I posted in these fourms.

I need help on something. I'm afraid to ask, but it's been on my mind for some time.

Long story: I went to another fourm where, for months, was bullied (didn't think I'd be cyber-bullied, lol) by someone from the UK. He kept insulting me, saying how stupid I was etc. Even when I offered to help him through whatever was bugging him (thinking that maybe he had a horrible time). Instead, he told me he cared not a damn about me and that I can go to Hell. Oh, and did I mention he had buddies from the different parts of the UK that did the same to me? There were about four of them.

Thankfully, I discovered the ignore function for the first time (yay me!), but wish it could've been sooner.

I don't understand what happened. I used to like the UK, liked everything about it, but for some reason I decided to not like the country for the fault of this one poster and his gang. It's stupid, it's immature, it's like saying I hate black people because I got punched by one when I was a kid. (I don't hate black people, btw. :3)

How did my viewpoint change so easily? How is it possible for it to change? How do I change it back to the way it was before I met those guys in the forum?

Help. :(


Why do you care if this guy and his bunch of bulliers insulted you?
They are a group of idiots whose aim is to make your feel the way you feel now.
You are being easily effected by them and I guess you abandoned the forum, didn't you?
I hope not.

But I'm sorry to hear this though.
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Cyber bullying is just dumb.

You shouldn't care what some internet trolls say to you. If you are afraid of or hate someone save it for people around you, not internet trolls. You shouldn't hate the UK over it, just be careful when it comes to the people you hang around or talk with, even online. Try to avoid letting trash and douchbags in your life.

If it's online, use the block function.


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That sucks that that happened to you. It sounds like logically you know that this one person does not speak for the entire country and that it is not the UK's fault that he treated you as he did. Emotionally though you have been damaged to some degree and you are blaming the entire UK for this one persons actions. The only way I can think of to overcome that is to meet someone else from the UK who treats you well so that you can use that as your lens to see the UK through.
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