How did you play with your toys?


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I haven't seen a thread that talks about how everyone played with their toys as kids so here we go...

All of us had toys when we were kids, we all played with them in different ways, how did you play with your toys?

How did you play with your toys when you were young? Did you finish creating them and then put them on display? Were you always having little battles? Did you tear stuff apart just to put it together in a different way?

I have great memories of being a kid, I had tons of really cool toys like Legos, Army men (both the Corps editions and little green guys), Lincoln Logs, Duplos, Blocks, SEGA Genesis, N64, etc...

I remember how great legos were I was constantly taking them apart and creating new things with them until i was satisfied with what I had created, be it a fort, house, space ship, i would use all of the legos that I could all at the same time, then I would usually have 2 sides battle it out.

Lincoln logs ( were also great, it was a lot of fun building forts with these things because there were so many different things to do with them, especially since I didn't have any sets in particular just a huge tub of lincoln logs, I would always build the best fort that i could and then put all of my little green army men ( in the fort then there would be a battle.

Army men (Corps edition) were also a lot of fun, I alwasy enjoyed playing with them outside in the grass, on trees, in rocks, bushes, etc. But when it was raining there wasn't much that you could do outside so I had to switch to indoors, I would use pillows and blocks and stuff to make caves and forts and let me tell you it was a lot of fun.

Nintendo 64 ( is still one of my favorite toys it's awesome, some of my first games were Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64, this thing still gets pretty frequent use but I have 3 just in case one of them breaks.:D

SEGA Genesis 2 (, was my first gaming console unfortunately it does not work very well since the power adapter keeps slipping out of the slot I need to fix that someday. I had Sonic 1, 2 and dr robotniks mean bean machine.

So that's pretty much it, there were a few other things but this is all the main stuff.

How did you play with your toys?


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My little ponies used to set them up in like towns. Also used to style their hair in braids and cut of their manes off. Used to make my Barbies ride our model horses. Set up stables and race tracks with them.


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My toys consisted of pretty much army stuff, soilders, tanks and army cars and whatnot.

I'd make a base and pretend there is war going on and stuff. It was pretty entertaining while it lasted.
Well, when it comes to legos, I built them according to the instructions, then I never took them apart. For example, I have this thing somewhere in my house still assembled:

When it comes to other action figures, I would usually have it be a big battle of Good vs. Evil. I would usually end up having one base on one side of the room and the other base on the other side with a huge battleground in the middle. Fun times.
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