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How did you meet your best friend?


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I met mine when I was in Grade 3, I just recently came to Australia and struggled with English and he helped me along the way, I didn't stay at the school for long, moved for three years before returning and obviously seeing him again. That was a good day.

Pretty much, 10 years later, we are still close friends.


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Both of mine I met at school (different ones though). I met one at primary school when we were 9, still friends nearly 18 years later. I joined the school in year 5 and we just got on really well, still do, but she does drive me mad sometimes.

My other one I met at secondary school, she transfered from another school and she was put with me so I could show her round etc. That was when we were about 12 or 13.


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I have more than one.

One I met at school, in a Native American Anthropology course. The instructor would bring in different artifacts/cultural items and pass them around the class. When she brought in some ceremonial sage, I thought it looked like a bag of weed so when I passed it to the person next to me, I said "bag o' weed?" and her eyes lit up and we've been friends ever since. That person you all know as qweerblue.

My other best friends are people I've met online, some here and some at another forum. I've been fortunate enough to meet all but two of them in person.


Sally Twit
One of them I met when I was really young. She was outside my house doing handstands against a fence and I asked her to teach me.
Another one was my best friend all through high school. We made each other and other people laugh, especially when we were together as we'd bounce jokes off each other.

The rest I met right here at GF!


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We met through mutual friends! She works with me at target, though only once in a blue moon. And a bunch of coworkers decided to go fishing at the pier. We met there. As soon as I saw her "comma sutra: making grammar sexy since 1875" shirt, I knew we were destined to be best friends.

I met the rest of you fuckers here.


I'm serious
Two of my best friends are friends I went to school with. The one I met at a school camp. I had started at a new school about 2 months before the school camp and hadn't really made any good friends yet. The second friend I knew of for more than year before we became best friends on a choir tour. We were caught smoking together and being in like a school choir and underage, our asshole conductor forced us to call our parents and tell them we were busted smoking. We've been besties ever since.

My third best friend I met right here at GF and I'm very fortunate to say after 3 years of friendships and many ups and downs and fights, we are closer today than we've ever been, and still growing. <3


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I have 5 people I'd classify under my best friends category. The one that rises above the rest was a guy I met in band on the first day of 9th grade (he was such a dork back then :lol:) I'd say we didn't really become best friends until 10th grade though. I met two of my other best friends on this same day as well.

My longest friend that I have locally is a kid I met in 8th grade. We just really hit it off. We're both history buffs, we enjoy a good prank, and love talking politics and philosophy.

The last guy was a year below me in high school so I met him my 10th grade year. He's also a sweet guy, big time into computers and cars.

I love my best friends.


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My best friend I met out on a farm. There were so many cute little guys around, but this one picked me out. We've been together for 9 years, and he's been with me through every single major crisis I have ever had. He's always been right there with me to offer me comfort and a furry paw. He has never judged me and is one of the single beings that could love me unconditionally.

Another I have met at work. We may get irritated with each other, but we have fun together and I can talk to her about most things.

The other best friends I have, like others, I have met here on GF. There's some good people here.


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My best friend, James, and I met in High School as Juniors. We've been friends ever since and I trust him with my entire life.


I have two people I would consider best friends. One I met at my archery club when we were both members there, and the other one (my current roommate) I met when we were both in Primary School.