How did you get your interest in sports?


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I was curious how you guys got your interest in sports? Was is by your parents or family? Or you start loving it by yourself?

My parents had no influence on me becoming a sports fan, both my parents especially my dad dislike sports. I just started to watch baseball games with my brother(who's the same age as me) when I was younger, and ever since I've been watching all sorts of sports.

The same thing is for playing, I started playing T-Ball at the tender age of three years old, me and my bro ask to be in a league so he decided to sign us up for one. Then I continued playing it, same thing with Basketball, but I started playing around ten years old.

What about you guys?


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Through friends I guess, watched it on TV, and decided to buy a ball and start playing it myself, so yeah.


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I played baseball and soccer at a pretty young age, and my parents took me to a couple Cubs games every year, so maybe that's where I got some of my interest. My family never watched or played many sports though. I got into them mostly on my own from seeing them on tv. I think I'm just naturally competitive.


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I don't play footy, but I do occasionally watch it when my team plays (Carlton :D). (Australian Rules Football).


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Ah, Blues.

Collingwood. :)

I got into footy by watching it on TV, and then I started playing at school for a bit, and now it's part of my daily day.


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I think that all of my interest came from either family or friends.

I know that I got my love for track from my family but soccer and wrestling I got from my friends.

I never really played sports at a young age, I wish that I would have wrestled then though, it'd come in really handy right now.


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My dad loves sports. He watches everything that cable can bring minus wrestling, boxing, MMA, etc. I watched sports with him when I was a kid and didn't even really learn to like sports yet. Now I actually enjoy watching sports. I dunno if it's because of my dad or if it's because of the lack in quality programming nowadays.


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:rolleyes:I like sports because i have a penis:rolleyes:

...but seriously, i got into sports at a young age because they were available...i satyed with sports because i enjoyed them


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My family isn't really that much interested in sports. We're mostly musician types. I took interest in it when I was in school and saw my friends play, cheered them, or even applied for varsity training (volleyball). Later, when I had more control on the tv remote at home, I started following certain sports especially the international competitions: basketball, figure skating, football/soccer, tennis, fencing, etc. It helps when your country is winning too, you get more interested because you feel you win too.
The only sport I love is snooker. Nobody got me in to it as I don't know anybody (irl) who likes it at all. A final (masters) just happened to be on the telly one day and I couldnt be bothered to get up and find the remote to change the channel (which I usually would have done cos I used to think snooker was boooring) and got hooked from there on :p