How did you get to school?


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There's many different ways you can go to school;

Taking the Yellow bus
Taking the city bus
Ride from friends,parents, sibling, family

I was curious how did you get to school, and did you enjoy that method?

I took the yellow school bus all my life unfortunately(except College) and I couldn't stand it since the ride was an hour long, and those benches get really uncomfortable after a short period of time. The thing that I hated the most about it, is that we had two different schools in the bus, one of them had 50 kids from a school and my school had ten. It would of been easier to have a big bus for them and shorter for us....but no they couldn't do that.

How about your guys?


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I rode the big yellow school bus. 45min to get to school, and 45 to get home. I didn't mind the ride, it gave me lots of time to read, or do last minute homework. Sometimes it was annoying when other kids on the bus got rowdy and disturbed my peace, but for the most part it was okay. When I was in university for a spell, I just rode the city bus there. Easy enough. I got a buss pass through the school.


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Took the yellow bus all my life as well. The yellow Bus through High School was brutal due to the length of the ride, but taking the yellow Bus for the rest of the school years I had was quite awesome. Had so many funny laughs/adventures on that yellow bus that I'll definitely not forget. The stories that me and B_R could tell you guys from our bus rides could write a coffee table book lol. I actually got suspended from the yellow school bus atleast five different times...maybe more. It was quite awhile ago.


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Let's go through everything...

Kindergarden: Yellow Bus

Grade School: Parents drove or we carpooled with another family or two

High School: I was driven by my parents the first year and then we found someone who had their license to drive me to and home from school. And then I got my license and I drove myself

College: I was an hour and a half from home and everything was in walking distance on the campus.


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For nursery, I was taken there in car. I can't remember if this is the same with primary school, but considering primary is a mix of infant school and junior school, and the fact that it was pretty much one big hill down from me, I ended up walking after some point.

Secondary school, I took the school bus. Which was actually annoying financial wise. Because there was another secondary school within a certain radius of my home (it was actually just at the end of my cul-de-sac), I couldn't get on for free, which got even more annoying when they started to increase the bus fare.

Finally, for college, I took a public bus. With occasional motorbike lifts from my mum when she took a course at the same college as me.


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Commute - public transport most of the time

There were years when I had private service (van privately owned and some of the people in that school get picked up coz we live in the same residence).

When I was at the university, sometimes I'd take a cab. :lol:
In my younger years, I took the walking bus. :cool:

Yeah, there was a group of people walking to school, 2 by 2 rows of kids, one adult at the back, one at the front, and a push trolley for all the bags. It was organised by my headteacher and happened to pass near where I lived so that's how I got to school, instead of walking on my own or my busy parents taking me. We had fluorescent jackets as well, and got a small sticker once a day to put on them.

After that, I just walked on my own. Well, I walked down to my friend's house and then we'd go together. Sometimes my mum dropped me off at hers, it would have been way quicker just to go straight to school but oh well.


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We don't have a yellow bus here so you should change the start of your thread!

When I went to Infant School and Primary School I walked with my mum as they were within walking distance of where I lived.
We had a big double decker school bus for High School.


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I walked to elementary school, and took a bus to middle school/high school. I took a bus to the Community College, or got a ride from friends (I often walked home after classes to save money on bus fare, but didn't want to wake up that much earlier on the way there).


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In Primary school, I walked and come highschool I catch the bus..I walk if I miss the bus in the morning..which is like 20 minute walk.