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How did you come up with your username?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The thread title says it all.

For me, Babe Ruth is my idol, and I’m pretty obsessed with his legendary status. It was a no-brainer for me.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My favorite band is 311, and the word Unity is a recurring theme with them (and also the title of a song). They're all about bringing people together, positivity, etc. and so am I, so it's fitting. I also have it tattooed on my arm.


Registered Member
I picked IrishLass because I am an Irish lass! The 2247 was my house number in college. I just thought it went together nicely and here I am. :)


Registered Member
Nickname that someone from another website gave me when we were chatting our usual stuff. I usually went as EdgeHead but SirEdger has a cool sound to it so I kept it.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Millz is a play on my last name...nickname given to me by Unity while we were in high school. I really wanted to type Hike School there. If you don't know the reference, you suck. :D


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to like that show Highlander and I live in the highlands and not the flatlands anymore sooo Hilander. I gew up in the flatlands, the people that grew up in the highlands would call us clodhoppers and we called them hillbillies. Now I'm a hillbilly that can hop over clods.hehe

I believe Highlander was taken but now I like just Hilander.


Registered Member
I like scotch. I like the word, "impaired" - it is odd because I use a different name in most other places. Not sure why I didn't use that here.


Registered Member
Dan is the first 3 letters of my given name and Wiz is the pronunciation of the first syllable of my family name - ergo - danwiz.