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How did we ever survive?


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I seen that charges... our society has changed a lot........so many things now are blamed on video games, blamed on others influnences but it comes down to it.. sometimes it can be the upbringing of our youth and we can't be there every second. But it would be niice to go back to simple times when the kids use to respect everyone even strangers and make life a more simple than gangs, and disrepectfulness. What had happend to that.. Nani


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I blame it on the way the government and social services call a good ole whippin "Child abuse" Children need to be punished, and "time out" and "grounding" just do not do the trick.
I do believe in a regular spanking, then explain why, then tell them you still love them.
But I do not believe in Child abuse! But like I said, the government has parents scared to whip their children..........and then they want to charge them like adults when they do something wrong. When a few good ole spankins could have kept them from thinking they could do everything they want to do........
There I go hopping on the bunny trail! :lol:


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When you think about it, I think what is missing is a genuine fear of a parent. I know my brothers and I would fix whatever we broke and behave ourselves, "before your father gets home." That's all my mom had to say and it kept us in line. We never actually had dad blow up, but somehow the fear was there.


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trees said:
When I was small (and was living with my family)..................

We would have lemonade stands and people would really stop and buy some! We would play "follow the leader" down the sidewalk on main street. (lived in a small town) We could play in the woods all day in the middle of summer when the snakes were out. Could go over to the towns land where they kept equipment and play inside of the big cement drain pipes like go under the road. We could climb the water tower and not go to jail or get shot down. lol Could walk to the store all by our selves. Run all over the neighborhood all day till dark. Could climb the neighbors trees without them running us out. We didnt have our parents telling us if you see a car slow down by you, or someone walking by that you dont know "run and scream help"......
Another one I remember from childhood was my brother & I every Halloween going out just the 2 of us all nite trick-or-treating while Mom stayed home to pass out candy. Used to each take a pillowcase...fill it up, come home, dump it out, & go back out for more. Never had to worry about needing an adult with us & used to eat candy as we were going along. Now ya gotta go get the stuff x-rayed first!


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I remember the first year my mom and dad actually WENT WITH US because suddenly there were all these child abductions and pins and needles found in candy apples... It was safe the year before to take an unwrapped, homemade candy but noooo not the next year. After we 'stayed in our own neighborhood' and trick or treated while it was broad daylight out, we all went down to the hospital to have our candy x-rayed and had to wait in line for it.