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    Eating soap has been around for ages. Parents should have the right to raise their kids how they see fit, especially if history proves that their methods aren't causing any actual problems. People have been doing this for a long time and their kids have turned out fine.

    Now, to be fair I think the problem here was that she was forced to leave the soap in her mouth for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is a bit extreme if you ask me. I'm fine with the idea in general though as a punishment as long as it's done within reason.

    It's still not child abuse though. I mean, any punishment could be considered abuse really. I'd hate to live in a world where it's illegal to punish your kids. Where the only option is to try to reason with a 2 year old. I've seen people try that with screaming toddlers in Walmart and it's just sad.
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    We're getting closer and closer to a society that doesn't recognize parental rights and instead does believe, literally "it takes a village" to raise a child. It's scary how intrusive our governments have become.
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    To be honest, I really thought that was just an expression. I wasn't aware people actually did it :/ I think it's going too far to leave the soap in her mouth for 10 minutes, that's a pretty long time when you think about it. And that fact that she vomited. But arrested for child abuse? hmmm.

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    I don't know, it seems to me that this falls outside the realm of parental rights and telling parents how they can and cannot punish their kids. What if a person willfully fed their child a toxic substance? Soap is toxic when ingested, hence the girl vomited.

    Soap contains sodium hydroxide, which is a caustic compound, and surfactants. I think it was a foolish thing for that mother to do. Whether she should have been arrested is another question, but it was certainly cruel and stupid.
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    10 minutes is a tad overboard, but I don't think they need to be in prison for it either. I mean, a minute or so of that taste has got to seriously discourage a lot of kids from doing it. Hell, I gag just getting soap in my mouth by accident while in the shower. Getting the kid sick like that is technically grounds for abuse since the child suffered physical pain and effects from the treatment.

    I do agree however that America needs to change its bitch panties because we're getting extremely soft on one another.
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    This is really bugging me. I'm really surprised that you guys are ok with a discipline technique that sends a child - an 8 year old child - to the emergency room.

    Weren't some of you just the other day speaking out against abortion, saying that someone needs to have a voice for those who can't defend themselves? How is this so much different? Because the child has been born? Someone needs to stand up in defense of all children, and when a parent employs a discipline technique that is harmful to a child, it's unacceptable.
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    I said I thought 10 minutes was extreme. This kid does have a voice though. She used it to say things her parents wanted to discourage. I think she'll think twice before swearing next time. Comparing punishing your child to abortion is absurd.

    Nowadays it's as if any punishment that makes a child the least bit uncomfortable is considered abuse. I mean come on, we as a society are too afraid to even let our most hardened criminals experience the slightest pain during execution. Our society is full of pansies. Punishment isn't supposed to be fun. It's supposed to help kids learn and mature. There are too many people these days who would just as soon not punish their kids at all and go with the "parents should just be friends to their kids" method of raising children.
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    Jeanie, I find the amount of time they left the soap in the childs mouth excessive, but not the choice of punishment.
    There has to be a point where we step back and allow a parent to do their job. It's a learning process.
    Although I do think the mom should have been the one to administer any punishment, not the boyfriend.
  10. Jeanie

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    It didn't make her a little bit uncomfortable, though, it made her vomit and sent her to the emergency room.

    I disagree with parents who just want to be their kids' friends, but I also don't think it's ok to punish your children so harshly that it makes them sick. I'm not comparing discipline to abortion, I'm saying if you're standing up for those without power over their own lives, then stand up for all of them, not just those who haven't been born yet.
    Yes of course we need to allow parents to do their job, but when parents make their children sick, somone needs to step in and speak up for the child. The parent is supposed to be the one to advocate for their child, if they are the ones making the child sick, then who advocates for the child?
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